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Bill Bunting
August 17, 2015

“Your vote means nothing. You are all cattle for the Federal Reserve Banksters. Wake up and quit playing in the puppet show.


Well, well, well, here we are. Another voting season. Another presidential “election.” And I see y’all are just gonna be Charlie Brown again. You’re gonna run up and try to kick that football and Lucy’s gonna snatch it right out and then you’re gonna be mad for the next four years. And...uh...that’s the way it goes folks. I hate it. I didn’t make it this way. So here you go. What I’m gonna is do is I’m gonna show you that through history–from George Washington until probably Bill Clinton–have told y’all there’s...they don’t run things. The Federal Reserve Bank, the banksters, the banking institutions, they run this whole entire world. The super-rich families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and a few others like Bill Gates–they run this show. They have a few rich people. I consider the Illuminati to be their religion. I think that’s how they see things. They like their symbols, they like their little triangle and they like to get entertainers to go out on halftime at the Super Bowl and get Beyonce to come out there and shoot ya’ll a triangle, and then their belief and their religion–their Illuminati religion–they believe that’s gonna make you consume more and buy more and whatever it is that they’re thinking they’re doing. ‘Cause they’re idiots. They’re just rich idiots. Alright, but they are destroying the planet. And this voting system...I joke about it a lot, but the joke’s over. The joke’s over. So let’s go on down through history. You all want to go down through history, ‘cause I know ya’ll don’t like it ‘cause ya’ll don’t pay no attention to it.


We’ll start with, uh, George Washington. In 1798 he wrote a letter to a friend of his saying The Illuminati want to separate the people from the government. He called them right out as the Illuminati. This is in the Library of Congress, by the way.


Thomas Jefferson, in 1816 to a letter to John Taylor, wrote that the “banking establishments were more dangerous than standing armies.” The banking establishments were more dangerous than standing armies. Thomas Jefferson, one of our heroes in the history of our presidents. One of our better ones.


Alright, John C. Calhoun–he was a vice president–he gave a speech in 1836 saying the power of the banks is greater than the power of the people, the government and the president. This is the vice president.


Alright, Teddy Roosevelt. I love Teddy. 1913 in his autobiography. There’s an “invisible government owing no allegiance” to no one. They have no allegiance to no one but themselves. This is the first Roosevelt to make a speech.


Woodrow Wilson–a traitor, a traitor who sold us out to the Federal Reserve Bank to save his ass–at the end of 1913 he finally came up trying to apologize about it. But no doubt, Woodrow Wilson and Abraham Lincoln are two of the biggest traitors in our country, and even Lincoln warned about an invisible government of the banksters because he wanted...he started a currency of his own to fund the war. Probably why he was killed. You know, probably why he was assassinated. Kennedy did the same thing–started a currency on his own–pop, he’s dead. So we know that these banking institutions have a lot of power, they can murder whoever they want, even the president of the United States. But let’s stick with the chronological order.


Woodrow Wilson said that there was this secret society, the Illuminati, the super-elite, that are “so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so pervasive and so complete, that you dare not speak about them over your breath” about getting rid of them. Alright, I know that ain’t word-for-word verbatim, but he said you can’t even speak about getting rid of them. That’s how powerful they are.


A New York City mayor in 1922–John Hylan–a New York City mayor. Here’s a one, he should know. There’s the Federal reserve bank right there. A menace to the republic is the invisible government that controlled it.


Alright, 1932 John [actually Louis] T. McFadden, a congressman, said the Federal Reserve Bank was the most corrupt institution in the history of the world. The Federal Reserve Bank, the one that actually runs this country.


1933. Here we go, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He said presidents are selected, not elected, and he says that the Federal Reserve Bank has owned this country since the days of Andrew Jackson. That’s FDR. That’s your democrats’ hero right there, him and JFK.


A senator in 1954...that was 1933, by the way, with FDR, saying that presidents are selected, not elected. He just come right out and said. Now these presidents wait till they’re through with their term of office. You know, they ain’t gonna let the cat out of the bag like Lincoln and Kennedy did and start things on their own and get killed. When you buck the program, you’re gonna get killed. That’s for sure, if you’re in “power.”


Alright, 1954 senator William Jenner: The ruthless power elite are a disease to this country. They’re a group that’s not answerable to the government, the president or Congress. Pretty much the same thing another president said. Isn’t that pretty wild?


J. Edgar Hoover in 1956–and for ya’ll that don’t remember J. Edgar Hoover: head of the FBI, knew everything about everybody in power; probably the most knowledgeable man on those idiots up there at the puppet show in Washington D. C. He said it’s a conspiracy so monstrous–talking about the Federal Reserve Bank and the elite that own America and are separating the people from the government–is so monstrous he can’t even believe it exists. OK, it’s history. Look it up.


1961 JFK–love you brother. I know you tried. He had that whole secret society speech. It’s been on youtube, it’s been all over the net. Ya’ll should pretty much pick that up.


Eisenhower. I’ll just bring up some that I know of. Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex and how America was run by a secret society. Even Clinton, Bill Clinton, said that he had no control. He didn’t have nothing to do with what went on in the White House. And look what happened to him; they demonized him. He tried to keep peace for a little while. I know a lot of ya’ll don’t like Clinton ‘cause you think he was a womanizer. Well, fine, he is a womanizer. Now you’re out there wanting to vote for Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s one of the biggest womanizers in the world. Just ask Bianca Trump, or whatever her name is. He’s just a rich fool. He’s trying to play a game. All of them sound good.


The point I’m trying to make is all through history we’ve been warned. Now I’m gonna get this one other point across. And you need to get this one straight up. I want you to see where your federal income tax goes to. See what it pays for. ‘Cause you think it pays for all these things like roads and schools and busses for your kids to get to school and welfare and food stamps. You think your federal reserve income tax pays for it? No! That’s where your social security number was banked on as a blue chip for how much money you’re gonna make and how much money you’re gonna pay back in taxes as interest to the Federal Reserve Bank. Your federal income tax is interest paid–owed–to the money that is our money. It gets paid back to the Federal Reserve banksters. They get it. Look it up. It’s right here. They don’t even deny it. They don’t put it out there every day on MSN. You’re not gonna hear about it from Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity. Naw, you ain’t going to. Rush Limbaugh ain’t gonna talk about how the Federal Reserve Bank, the United States government has sold you out. Your social security number is a marker. It’s a marker. They expect you to make so much in your lifetime and your tax money’s gonna make that. So they count on the tax money that you’re gonna make for the interest for the Federal Reserve Bank notes. And they’re notes, it’s not money. Let’s get it straight. Go tear them up. It ain’t shit. It’s not, it’s just a piece of paper. But your social security number...


Now, here’s the good news. Everybody thinks we owe all this money to China. Everybody thinks we own all this money to this, that and the other. We owe the money to ourselves, ya’ll! The biggest part of America’s debt is to America! It’s to America. It’s not to some foreign country. Nobody owns us. The Chinese can’t pull some marker. The Japanese bought land here a while back. The Chinese bought land here a while back. Big deal. Everybody buys land in America. It’s a pretty big country by the way. And anybody can come over here and buy it. But we don’t owe all this money to the Chinese. Are they holding gold? Yeah, but what is gold? Money’s on a computer nowadays. It’s just a thing.


Another thing is–you need to look up–is the Federal Reserve Bank stopped the Depression, which we need extremely bad–we need a depression in this country so we can just crash down and rebuild, which is what we’re good at. We’re good at rebuilding...we’re good at building countries, we’re just not good at maintaining them because we get fat and lazy and quit thinking about it.


So here we go. The Chinese don’t own us. We owe ourselves. But the Federal Reserve Bank, to make it look good, they slip $8 billion dollars a month into our economy. They just slip it into the New York Stock Exchange. Why is the New York Stock Exchange the marker for how well we’re doing? I thought it was the GDP, the gross domestic product. Which, by the way, the South is number three in the world on Gross Domestic.... We’re the third richest nation in the world. So, you Southerners, we know what we’re doing down here. Without us America would be about third or fourth on the list themselves.


But besides all that, you got to look at it. The money that we owe to this big 17-20 trillion dollar debt we owe to ourselves. We don’t owe nobody. Look it up. We don’t owe nobody.


But this voting thing. This voting thing. You think you’re gonna vote in this next guy. Rand Paul. Oh, Rand Paul’s gonna do something with the Fed. You know, he’s gonna go in the Fed and he’s gonna make them show their books, and he’s gonna make them get right. What a joke.


Hillary Clinton. Alright, I’m not gonna go there. She’ll probably be your next president, though, ‘cause we just had a black man and now we’re gonna have a white woman. That’s pretty much the line they’re gonna go. I hate to say that. Don’t cuss me. I don’t want her. I don’t want anybody, ‘cause there ain’t a leader. There’s not a leader of America. They just got you all out there fussing and fighting and dividing you over the left and the right, and this Donald Trump sounds good, Hillary’s a liar, Rand Paul is gonna audit the Fed. They’re not gonna do anything except for what the New World Order tells them to do. George Bush Senior came out in 1991 and threw it in your face: “We’re gonna have a New World Order...and when we do have this New World Order...and we will.” He threw it right in your face. Presidents been talking about the New world Order for, hell, especially since Bush, every one of them. So, there you go. The next time you call somebody a conspiracy theorist because they say “New World Order”, presidents talk about it. They say that it’s there. When people laugh in your face about the Illuminati, George Washington warned you of the Illuminati. So has about every other president since then. That had any balls.


So before you call somebody a conspiracy theorist, or before you call them a liberal or a conservative, why don’t you look at them as a human being that actually looked into this, that actually’s worried about these things? Because, see, your voting , what it does...I’m gonna be honest with you, here’s what voting does. It lets them feel the pulse of America, so they know what lies they can tell you to get you to overconsume, to spend. You’re nothing but a cash cow. You’re a tax slave. Your social security number is your bondage. Your job is what they need you to do so they can get which is now 51% of your pay. They get over half your pay, and you love it! Sucker. You love it, don’t you? You love it. You love that car. You love your... “Hey man, it’s this time of the week, I can’t go driving because I gotta make my car payment. I might go next week. Whoa, there’s my insurance payment, but I’ll go drive it the next week. Oh, wait a minute, that’s my house payment. Well, I’ll drive my car when I can. I get a vacation once a year. I’ll drive my car on my vacation.”


Ya’ll are so caught up in this damn wheel, man, you’re like a little gerbil, man, in there running around, running around, running around. What are you running for? Who told you this was the way it was supposed to be? Who told you that you were supposed to give this money to the government? ‘Cause I’m gonna say it once again. The tax on gas pays for roads. The property tax pays for schools. The corporate tax pays for war and the war effort, ‘cause they make the money off of that. But your federal income tax, which is illegal. Like I’ve said a thousand times the Sixteenth Amendment ain’t never been ratified. So you’re paying it voluntarily. If you’re just a working person–let’s just get it straight–if you’re just a working person with an income under $250,000 a year, you’re paying income tax voluntarily to the federal government. But that is the interest payment for the money they sell us. They sell us our own money. It’s the biggest Ponzi scheme in the history of the world, and ya’ll are out there spending it. No, no, better yet. You just want that little credit card. That little credit card so they can make more money off of you. And then, they can see what you purchase. Now they know how to advertise directly to you. They know where you’ve been. You stopped at this gas station to get gas, then you rode up the street to Walmart and you bought a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes. You know, whatever you do, they’re marking you. So you like being kept up with? You like being human cattle? You like the fact that they don’t give a rat’s ass about you except for your income? They want you to make money. They want you to make money. So they can get half of it...over half of it. Look up the new tax rate for 2016, for 2015 that’s gonna be paid in 2016. You’re gonna cry. You’re gonna cry like a baby. This tax season coming’s gone.


So get real about what’s going on, okay? Research some of these things. Look at what past presidents have said, and then think again if you really want to get in that Washington D.C. puppet show and be a idiot and sit back and get mad about puppet players that are not gonna run this country, and not do a damn thing for you. They’re not gonna change nothing. I mean, look at the...Jesus Christ...Reagan supposedly ended the Cold War. We broke them, we broke them, okay. We made them go broke because they had a ten-year war in Afghanistan. Reagan didn’t do a goddamn thing. And then Bush Senior gets in. We know what the hell went on there. He just sold us out. Alright. Then you get Clinton in there. Clinton had some good years for America, but he sent all our business...all our manufacturing business to China, ‘cause China was mad. They were gonna come to war with us. He appeased them. So you can take that as good or bad, but he gave away our jobs. Then Bush Junior comes in and allows our country to be attacked. And don’t you people ever forget those 3000 people that died that day. I watched them falling out of buildings. But you didn’t care, did you? Now I ain’t gonna get upset about that. That was an inside job. That was get you...’cause we were coming out of our, we were making money in the late 90s. 2000 came around, they couldn’t scare us with Y2K. That was a scare to buy new computers, or whatever. But fine. You didn’t go went and bought you a new computer and the time didn’t reset and everything was great. But look what happened a year later. We were doing so good. They didn’t have us fearful anymore and they attacked us. They made a new bogeyman. Now you want every Muslim dead. They don’t need to be dead, they didn’t do a goddamn thing. It was the United States government working with the Israeli government, the Mossad. They killed us. Attacked us and killed us. So get that straight. And then after Bush and all these wars, a man comes up, this charismatic man, and he’s talking about “change” and “I’m gonna change the world.” We want change in America. We want change in America. We’re gonna bring our boys home and we’re gonna end these wars. He starts six more wars.


They’re liars. They’re just puppets for the New World Order, who is pulling your chain, America. They’re pulling your chain. And they’re putting all this immoral shit out there and all this crap to make you mad. They’re trying to make those of us...they want to call us right-wing extremists, or home-grown terrorists, or conservative, or whatever they want to call us. Those of us that still stand for the Constitution, that still stand for family, and self-leading, they want to get rid of us. ‘Cause they just want a bunch of ya’ll out there being drones. You’re like honeybees. You’re just in that hive. You got a hive mind. You got group mentality. You hear something a hundred times and you think it’s true. So wake up!


But here you go, Charlie Brown. When you go to vote this year, watch what happens. They’re already showing you who’s gonna win. I was just looking at a poll. Every poll I’ve looked at shows Hillary beating Donald Trump. They already predict their shit. They did that last year with Obama. They did it the election season before with Bush Senior...I mean Bush Junior. They did it with Clinton twice. They did it with... And notice how these presidents are all keeping two terms now. Watch how the elections are rigged. Have you forgot about Florida? That Jeb Bush was the governor of Florida and all the black votes got thrown out? Huh. ‘Cause LBJ said he’d have all ya’ll voting democratic for the rest of ya’ll’s life, didn’t he? For the next 200 years at least, so that’s since ‘60. In 2260 you might just quit voting. Don’t vote. There’s a song by a line in it: “If you decide not to make a choice, you still made a choice.”


So don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t vote. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Leave the puppet show alone. Back off from it. Be free. Self-lead. Self-think. Got to just lead yourself. There’s nobody out there to do it for you. There’s nobody to keep you safe but you. Please believe this, America. I’m begging you.


Alright, you got the history. I’m drawing this out a little too long. I just don’t want you to pull that Charlie Brown. I don’t want to see Lucy pulling the football and you landing on your back again and being mad for the next four years ‘cause you hate who’s in office. ‘Cause you’re gonna hate whoever gets in there anyway. And I’m gonna give you a warning about Rand Paul. He ain’t Ron Paul. He denounced his own father. So that piece of shit can kiss my ass. So there’s my “kiss my ass” for today.


Hey, I love ya’ll. I just want you to open your eyes up, America and look at what’s really going on. From George Washington to today, you’ve been warned, you’ve been told. So quit doing it. That’s why history repeats itself, ‘cause you don’t even look at it no more. Think. Research. Self-lead! And by all means, people...don’t live in fear. I love you. Be good. Peace.



Charlie Brown again. You’re gonna run up and try to kick that football and Lucy’s gonna snatch it right out – reference to a running gag in the Peanuts comic strip and cartoons in which the character Lucy, under various pretexts, each time convinces the character Charlie Brown to run up and kick a football Lucy holds and then pulls away at the last minute so that Charlie Brown falls on his back. In this clip from the “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” Lucy convinces Charlie Brown to kick it by showing him a signed document. 

Illuminati – a secret group which is claimed to be conspiring to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporations in order to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order.

Beyonce to come out there and shoot ya’ll a triangle – the singer Beyonce Knowles made a triangle-shaped hand gesture during the halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd, 2013.

We’ll start with, uh, George Washington – the quotations from George Washington and other political leaders come from this webpage

JFK – John Fitzgerald Kennedy, U.S. president (1961-1963)

secret society speech – the video of the John F. Kennedy’s 1961 speech is here. The transcript of the speech is here

Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex – president Eisenhower warned of this in his farewell address. The video is here. The transcript is here.

Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity. Naw, you ain’t going to. Rush Limbaugh – well-known US political commentators often shown on TV

Rand Paul’s gonna do something with the Fed – Republican Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky introduced a Senate version of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2015, a bill which proposes a reformed audit of the Federal Reserve System (the "Fed") within 12 months of enactment. The original version of the bill was created by Rand Paul’s father, Ron Paul, in 2009.

George Bush Senior came out in 1991 and threw it in your face: “We’re gonna have a New World Order – George H.W. Bush’s speech on the New World Order–given on September 11, 1991–can be seen here

Sixteenth Amendment – the Sixteenth Amendment reads: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

Ponzi scheme – a Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent investment operation where the operator, an individual or organization, pays returns to its investors from new capital paid to the operators by new investors, rather than from profit earned by the operator.

Walmart – any store in a chain of hypermarkets with the brand name Walmart

LBJ – Lyndon Baines Johnson, U.S. president (1963-1969)

“If you decide not to make a choice, you still made a choice.” – from the song “Freewill” from 1980 by Rush.

Bill Bunting
August 15, 2015

“The community raises a child. We have forgotten this and allowed the federal school system to raise our children and this is what they are doing. The children are our future. Remember that when you worry about the future. STOP this indoctrination of our kids.”


Hey, how ya’ll doing out there? Last night I posted something on facebook about this purple penguin thing, where they want to take away calling kids boys and girls and just call them purple penguins, or campers, or something like that. You know, their gender-tolerant language with kids. And the point I want to get across to ya’ll is this is where all this political correctness is getting us. The gay community stood up and wanted their rights to get married and all, and that’s fine. They used the system to their advantage and they got what they wanted. But now it’s branching off. It’s branching off. The school systems in America are not good for your children. You should be homeschooling. I know it takes time, I know it takes effort. Maybe you could get groups of people, and parents that do stay at home and raise their kids and work with them somehow. I don’t know. Maybe more private schools that teach your kids what you want them to...But the federal public school system is ruined. It’s an indoctrination program nowadays. But I want to get serious about this. So I put on a clean shirt. I really want ya’ll to understand this, ‘cause this is our future. This is our future, and this is where the political correctness is getting us.


Alright. When I was coming up,–I’m 51, so–when I was coming up, basically we still lived under the system of...the thought process that the community raises a child. The community raises a child. If I was playing over at somebody’s house and I did something bad, that momma or dad would get onto me, that momma would switch me. And that was fine. ‘Cause you were supposed to show respect to somebody’s house, but they helped raise other kids. We helped raise other kids. That’s just the way it was, you know, and back then we didn’t depend on vaccinations and all to make our kids healthy. We let them eat dirt. We let them play in the mud. And everybody naturally developed immunity towards diseases and whatnot. But this purple penguin thing really got to me, because the thing was, I had a couple of people that actually got on and claimed to be transgender and were saying, “Hey, let kids be kids.” Well that’s what I’m saying! Let kids be kids. Let them grow up. They go through stages in life and they get to a point around 12 or 13 where they start growing up, and some of the physical things start happening with their body. And they begin to question things, and they get new feelings and they find out about certain things. And...But if they’ve been in school and been indoctrinated, and while they’re going through this period, a time that they’re trying to figure out who they are sexually and coming up with their natural way of being, they’ve been bombarded since kindergarten that there is no gender and that it’s okay for a man to be a woman and a woman to be a man if you want to. ‘Cause I’m not gonna sit here and say that I understand transgenders. I don’t. And I don’t want to. I don’t care. You live and let live. A lot of ya’ll out there that do that, you fool men or you fool women into thinking you’re another sex, that’s wrong. That’s wrong. You should keep it to yourself. That’s another thing about the gay community I’d like to say. Back when I was coming up, there were just as many gay people then as there are now. But they kept it to themselves ‘cause guess what? Heterosexual people keep it to themselves. How many heteros are out in the street demanding that they got a right to be heterosexual? No, they keep it in their house, in their bedroom where it’s supposed to be. So get that straight. If you want to be gay, be gay. But don’t go running around in the street telling everybody they need to be gay. Don’t go to schools, which they’re allowed to do. This kills me too. A gay couple in several different schools...there’s been gay couples that can come to the school and talk about the “glories and the wonders” of being gay and how it’s okay and how they’re happy and all. But a heterosexual couple can’t come up and talk about the glories and the fun of being married and being normal and natural. What’s up with that?


But so here we go. Let’s look down this thing first. First I looked up the definition of “purple penguin,” and apparently there’s something that they sell at Walmart called a purple penguin. This is the only definition that came up. Basically it’s a little toy they sell during a certain season–a purple penguin–but the motto behind that penguin is that they’re gonna conquer the world. They’re gonna conquer the world. It says: “They can’t be stopped and they’re gonna conquer the world.” A toy? But it’s a purple penguin and now they’re using it in the school. I guess my little conspiracy theorist mind goes....this is more programming on our kids. So this transgender thing’s just getting crazy.


Alright. Then you got the pedophile, which is a criminal. I’m gonna throw that out there first. A pedophile is a fucking criminal. Excuse my language. A pedophile is a criminal. It’s a crime to touch a child sexually, to have sex with a child. It’s a crime. You can call it a mental disease like this “Before You Act” group that calls them “minor-attracted people.” You’re so politically correct that you can’t even call a child molester a child molester anymore. No, he’s a child...a “minor-attracted person.” That’s what we’re supposed to say. And the White House is backing this up. Barry Obama. You’re a weirdo, man. You’re a weirdo if you’re gonna let this...I mean, we’re getting way too politically correct, and I’m trying not to get mad because that’s... Now it’s our children. Our future. And, see, that’s just it. I think that they see us trying to raise a new generation. They see those of us that realize we messed up, and our parents messed up, and we were apathetic and we didn’t do nothing, so we’re raising a generation of thinkers. We’re raising a generation of leaders. But they don’t like it. So they throw in... They’re gonna mix up their mind. They’re gonna use this Common Core education, this Common Core math to screw up their minds. And now schools are saying we can’t call you boys and girls. We can’t say husband and wife. We can’t say man and woman. We can’t say mom and dad. You’re just a camper or a purple penguin.


So, anyway, there’s different stages of this, and how it works out is you have infantophilia. And please excuse my pronunciation. These words are new to me. That’s somebody that’s attracted to zero to three-year-olds. Alright, but they got a definition for it, ‘cause these people do it. And there it jumps up to a hebephilia. This is a person that’s attracted to roughly nine-years-old to fourteen-year-old kids. Pre-puberty kids. And then you got your... There’s one more and I’m trying to find it here in my notes. But then you have another one that’s attracted to adolescents. Ephebophilia. Alright. Ephebophilia. That’s the one that’s attracted to adolescents. After, you know, puberty time. So they got definitions for all these. And as I was reading through this on google, I was trying to google it and understand some of this stuff, why the school districts are promoting this transgender political correctness stuff, and you can’t say boy and girl anymore, I found out that it had different levels of this. And different definitions for them. But then, I happened to notice that there’s all these groups. At the top of the list it’s Before You Act. B4U-ACT. Look it up. This is a group that sees these as people that are normal but they’re just minor-attracted people. And they’re pushing... These people from Harvard University and all these big universities, psychologists and whatnot. And they’re trying to say that it’s alright. That they can work with these people and they’re trying... Another thing; there’s this group PIE over in England. And it’s “Pedophile Interest Exploration” or something. For ten years they could sit there and swap information. We’ve heard lately that over in England and Europe and in Canada and even in North...even in America that there’s this giant pedophile ring for the elite. I don’t know what they’re doing with these kids, but it’s bad. The royal family’s very involved in it and they’re trying to suppress this information.


But you get back to the core problem...why’d this problem come up? Why is it now bad to say boy and girl, man and woman, husband and wife, mom and dad? Why is it bad now? Because we’re not doing nothing! You’re not paying attention. You just send your kids to school and then you go to work. And you don’t care what they’re teaching them. You’re letting the state teach your kids, and this is where it goes. So they go to school, they’re getting indoctrinated now, they’re not learning anything. They’re damn sure ain’t learning history. And this Common Core math, they’re getting screwed in the head on math. Kids have actually committed suicide over this Common Core stuff, but nobody pays attention to that. And now we got this. And they grow up, and they get to these natural spots in life where they’re trying to figure out who they are, they’re gonna fall back on what they learned in school. They’re gonna go back to: “Hey, teacher said I’m not a boy or a girl, I’m a purple penguin, so it’s okay to be with either one.” You got to figure out what this comes from. If you try to raise a young boy and tell them it’s like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt raising their girl to be a boy and their boy to be a girl, when it comes time to become a man, he’s a sissy. He don’t want to fight. And that’s what they want. They don’t want leaders. They don’t want people to stand up. They want you to all be confused about who you are and out there doing all these weird-ass things. It ain’t right. Morally, it’s not right. Naturally, it’s not right.


But we sit back and we don’t care. You should go to your school and ask them if they’re using this criteria, and if they are, tell them you’re gonna sue them, or you’re gonna pull your kid out right then. ‘Cause you want your kid to come up naturally. So we got to get back to homeschooling or private schools. We need a... You can fund them easily. You can use your church, you can use anything. You don’t have to be church ‘cause I know ya’ll ain’t go to church. And I don’t go to church. I need to get that out there too. I don’t care nothing about it. But churches are community organizations. That’s what they are. And they usually help, but somehow they quit helping. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with them. But a lot of them have private schools now. So you get your kid in there where they can be called a boy and a girl and you can be called mom or dad and husband and wife. Alright, male and female. You know, this gender tolerance shit is not going anywhere. It’s going to be bad. It’s gonna be bad. Yes. I’m gonna tell you. Yes. When you’re an adult, and you’ve figured out your body and you’re still attracted to...or you still want to be a woman or you’re attracted to another sex, that’s your right to go do that. But quit pre-programming my kids! You ain’t pre-programming my kids... telling them that it’s okay. You know. Now the school system’s doing it, so I’m not there. My grandkids, I can’t go down there and help them out. My kids were lucky enough. They went to school and weren’t involved in this shit and I wasn’t involved in this shit. But now you go to school and they’re able to be who THEY want them to be. If you’re transgender and you’re gay, keep it to yourself. Why do you gotta go expose somebody else’s kids to it. But let’s get back to the pedophile thing.


They’re trying to take it away as not being a crime; as being a mental disorder, okay. Alright, it probably is because you’re screwed in the head if you like kids. I mean, hell, I got a pool down here right below me and, sure, young girls are pretty. I got a daughter, she’s nineteen years old, she’s gorgeous. But where in the mind, where in your morals do you think start thinking sexually about them? That’s sick. That ain’t right. It ain’t minor-attracted people. It’s pedophiles. Child-molesting criminals. That’s what it is. Drop your goddamn political correctness, ‘cause this is our children. This is our future. We should be raising them to be leaders, to think for themselves, not have other people put weird ideas in their mind. School is for math, reading, history and learning about, you know, just learning, period. It’s not that point in their age to be learning about sexuality–heterosexuality, homosexuality, transgender–nothing. That ain’t the time or the place to be doing it. The school system is set up for reading, writing and arithmetic. Ain’t that what it’s always been? The three R’s? That’s what it’s for. Everything else in there is indoctrination. Even the patriotism part. The sitting up there and the “Pledge allegiance to the flag”–that’s nationalism. But, you know, we live in America and we’re supposed to take care of our country, so, you know, pretty much every other country does it too. That part people have mixed feelings about, but fine. Then you should be able to take a minute and pray that your day’s gonna be good. I don’t care what god you pray to. But, you see, we took all that out, now we’re putting in this immoral stuff. And I’m gonna say it’s immoral. I’m gonna say you’re dead wrong on it. You can say what you want to me, but you’re dead wrong on it.


It’s crazy. This is where the political correctness gets you. This is where, you know, it’s snowballed. And we warned ya’ll years ago. You know, first it was...a long time ago you couldn’t say “queer,” you know. They took that out. I’m not gonna say they banned any of these things, but it’s become socially unacceptable. And then you couldn’t say “retard” because a lot of people have Down syndrome kids or something. “Retard” has a lot of definitions. Like Dianne Feinstein saying: “If we get rid of our guns, the criminals will get rid of their guns.” That’s retarded. That’s a retarded statement. So look up the word. ‘Cause they ain’t changed that definition too bad. It has been changed, but it means that somebody can make a stupid statement. That’s a retarded statement. Alright, so it’s a got a lot of definitions. And then it got to where you couldn’t use other words. I agree, you shouldn’t be using racial slurs. You know, they’re gone, that’s fine. That’s fine with me. I’m still called “cracker,” you know, openly. But I am a cracker, so whatever. You know, and now it’s gotten to where the gay people can get married, and... They fought for that, so I’m kind of mixed on that a little bit, but if you go and you fight for a law and you win, that’s on you. You know. Nobody was out there fighting against it, because you were apathetic. You want somebody else to do it for you. That’s why all this crap’s happening. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Evil exists because good men sit back and do nothing about it. That’s why these things happen. Your apathy. Sitting on your couch and stuffing your face. That’s not gonna get you nowhere. You can watch it on the news, you can watch it on your computer and whine and cry about it, but if you ain’t out there physically stopping this, going to the school saying, no, we don’t accept this. Groups of parents coming up and saying...organizing themselves in a mannerly way, and going up and saying we’re not gonna do this. And another thing is, we gotta get back to the community raises the child. If a kid comes over and spends the night with you, you got a perfect opportunity right there to help raise that child. And all the parents should be thinking that way. But now we can send them to somebody’s house, and the dad’s a gay Boy Scout leader. Why do you need a gay Boy Scout leader? Why do you need a gay Girl Scout leader? These kids are growing up. They don’t need to hear about the joys of being gay! They need to figure it out on their own. That’s all I’m saying. The kid can figure it out on his own in a matter of time.


You know. I don’t know what’s become of you, America. I had a rant yesterday and I’m trying not to holler today, but I’m sad for you, because somehow these issues have hit home and you’ve done nothing about it. There’s wars abroad where we’re killing people’s kids. There’s proof out there that the elite and the super rich and the royal family and all these world leaders are abusing children. They’re child molesters, which is a crime. Child molestation is a crime should go to prison. You should be castrated and go to prison, as far as I’m concerned. You sit back and you watch it on TV and you watch it on the computer and even those of ya’ll that are researching it, and you’re just, like, “Oh, oh, that’s so bad. Those poor Palestinian kids. Oh, but, God, Israel needs to protect themselves.” You fall for the lies, the sucker lies that give people a reason to do this. I’m gonna say it again. There is no leader in D.C. There’s a puppet show going on there. Your vote’s not gonna make this better. There’s nobody... The republic is dead. The republic is dead. Nobody’s gonna take care of you or kids but you! Know your neighbors. Start going to your neighbors. Go next door, go a house down. Say, “Hey, man, can we grow gardens. You grow this and I’ll grow that. Hey, when my kids come over, you know, I don’t mind if you talk to them about this or that.” But drop this political correctness. Get mad. Organize groups and go to these schools and tell them this purple penguin crap ain’t gonna fly, you don’t want it. You want a boy. You want a girl. If that’s what they are. You want them to grow up normally, naturally. Alright.


So, I want you to think about this really hard because the thing is that kids are our future. And the New World Order–whatever you want to call it–the New World Order knows this. They know that we’ve seen this and that we’re trying to raise our kids, we’re bucking on the vaccines–the vaccines full of aluminum and mercury and arsenic and stuff. We see this. We see that they’re poisoning our kids with this fake food, with the GMO foods. And they see us bucking on it. And they don’t like it. They don’t like it. They don’t want 10-15 years from now a group of young people coming up and standing up. ‘Cause you ain’t standing up. And you probably ain’t going to, ‘cause you don’t care. And I say that over and over. You don’t care. So let’s get on the ball with this. Let’s...let’s...go next door, go to the people that have kids your same age. You know, you moms that ain’t working, this is a good time, this is something for you to do. You know, a mom at home raising the kids is the hardest job in the world, and it’s the best job in the world. Sure, it don’t pay. Hubby has to go out and make the bacon. That don’t mean momma’s got to cook it. But mom needs to be at home raising the kids. Alright. ‘Cause when they’re not, the state’s gonna raise your kids. Afterschool programs, even the Scouts programs have been infiltrated by this indoctrination of transgenderism and gay lifestyles. That it’s okay. They’re promoting them as okay. It’s not okay. That’s the last time I’m gonna say it. It’s not okay. If you’re an adult and you’re doing it in the privacy of your home, that’s your liberty. That’s your freedom. If you want to sit outside and kiss your mate, that’s your liberty, that’s your freedom. But you don’t got a right to go tell my kids it’s okay! You don’t have a right to go to my school. And you schools out there, you school teachers, you best wake the hell up. ‘Cause school teachers ain’t jack shit no more. You just want your job. Just like the police. Ya’ll just want your job. That’s all you want. You want your paycheck. You don’t want a know you’re doing wrong teaching Common Core math. You know you’re doing wrong letting kids be called purple penguins. And you police officers, you know it’s wrong to go out and beat somebody or watch your partner beat somebody, or make all these illegal arrests, or just harass people. You know it’s wrong, but you go along with it ‘cause you want your paycheck. Well that’s why I dropped machining. I built Pratt & Whitney F-100 engines for eleven years, that go on the F-15s. And in ’91 when the Gulf War broke out and by ’92 I was seeing piles of dead bodies, so I quit making jet engines. I’d taken...I took individual responsibility and I said I don’t want to be a part of this so I backed away from it. You got to back away from it on your own. And if you do it, and this family does it, and this family does it, then we’ll break away. And we’ll end this trend, ‘cause it’s bad. It’s not good. It’s no good for us. But America, I don’t know what’s happened to you. I don’t know, it’s the water, the fake food, whatever they’re putting in the air, but you’ve become very weak. And I’m not gonna sit here and cuss you. I’m gonna tell you right now, I’m sad for you. It is sad to see the decline of America morally, ‘cause you ain’t nothing no more. You ain’t even a whisper of the dream that was freedom and liberty and justice for all. You’re nothing. And you let them do it. Your compliance and your silence. You let them do it. I’m gonna get off here. You get the gist of it. Look some of that stuff up: Before You Act, and look up PIE and you’ll see that this is all around. These are advocate groups, they’re for it. And the White House is saying that we need to call them “minor-attracted people.” No way. No way! You’re a pedophile criminal. You’re a child-molesting criminal that’s deserves what he gets in prison. You touch a child around me, you ain’t going to prison.


Alright. Ya’ll be good out there. Wake up, America. Come on. Let’s get it back on track. Let’s stop this stuff. It’s evil, it’s not any good. The community raises the child. Alright. The community raises the child! It’s all of our responsibility to raise these kids. Let’s get back on that track. I love ya’ll, I wish you the best. Don’t live in fear. And wake up, America. Pull the blinders off your eyes. You’re gonna lose your children. Don’t you care about your children anymore? I understand you don’t care about children getting bombed overseas, but don’t you care about your own? All the children in this world are our responsibility. Love the babies. Let them live. Give them a chance to see the sun. Give them a chance to grow up on their own. Peace. I love you. Think. Think, people. Be good.



purple penguin thing – in October 2014 reports in the media told of teachers being instructed stop referring to students by “gendered expressions” such as “boys and girls,” and use “gender inclusive” ones such as “purple penguins” instead.

Common Core education – the “Common Core State Standards Initiative” is an educational initiative in the United States that details what school students should know in English language arts and mathematics at the end of each grade.

PIE – Paedophile Information Exchange: a British pro-paedophile activist group, founded in October 1974 and officially disbanded in 1984

The three R’s – that is, “Reading,” “wRiting” and “aRithmetic,” considered the foundations of a basic skills-oriented education program within schools

“Pledge allegiance to the flag” – in many schools in the South of the U.S. children are made to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day before school. The text of the “Pledge of Allegiance”:

"I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

The words “under God” are sometimes added after “one nation.”

Dianne Feinstein saying: “If we get rid of our guns, the criminals will get rid of their guns.” – Democratic Senator from California Dianne Feinstein was probably falsely reported to have said something like this.

Evil exists because good men sit back and do nothing about it. – Anglo-Irish statesman Edmund Burke is commonly quoted as having said in the 18th century: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Bill Bunting
August 21, 2015



Hey, how ya’ll doing out there? I like to get serious about a lot of things, and then I like to have a little fun. So I’m gonna try to combine both in this video right here. Just got into a...whatever. A guy came...supposedly a facebook friend, and attacked a woman on my wall and...because he believes in this flat earth theory. He says it’s a Christian belief, it’s in the Bible. And a lot of people say it’s a Muslim belief and it’s in the Koran. So I did what I like to do. I went and researched it. I had a little fun researching it ‘cause it’s crazy.


But number one: it’s neither a Christian nor a Muslim belief. The Christians believe in creation. So the evolutionists condemn Christians for saying the earth is flat like they’re being dumb. In the Muslim Koran it states that the crust of the earth is a carpet. That’s not saying the earth is round. So their leaders–preachers, or whatever they call them–their leaders in the Muslim faith, Islam, kinda got that mixed up. The earth isn’t flat, by the way. Get a telescope and look straight across. There’s definitely a curve in it. If you’ve ever been on any flatlands, you can see it. If you’ve ever been on the ocean, like I was in an aircraft carrier on the USS Carl Vinson, you’ll see it.


Alright. So let’s get the flat earth theory straight. They think the earth is a disk with the Arctic Circle right in the middle of it. And it’s surrounded by the Antarctica. We’re surrounded by Antarctica, this 150-foot wall of ice. Now, here’s where it gets tricky. This wall of ice is guarded by NASA employees who knock us down to keep us from falling off. Alright. I didn’t say that. This is what it is. So how do they explain the sun and the moon? The sun and the moon are both disks....I mean, spheres. They’re spheres. They’re 32 miles in circumference. And they revolve around the earth. As this flat disk, ‘cause they’re mixed up on the theory of relativity...on the theory of gravity. They think that...they don’t believe in gravity per se. They believe that our disk is going at 32 feet per second straight up all the time, never stopping. So that’s how we stay on the disk. And... As this goes and these spheres are circling 3000 miles around us, all the stars are 3100 miles around us. So they’re all circling and we’re going straight up at 32 feet per second on a flat disk. What’s underneath us? They have no idea; they say it’s rocks.


Alright. Like I said, gravity is something they argue about, but the theory of relativity–Einstein’s theory–is something that they’re very mixed on. They...some believe it, some don’t. Now another thing is, they think that all this new technology we got–GPS and jet airplanes–they think that the GPS is rigged to make you think that you’re going some kind of way. And our airplane pilots, they’re fooled into going into circles until they land. This is called zetetic method, by the way. Look it up. Z-E-T-E-T-I-C method. Zetetic method. You can look this up, or just go to google and google “flat earth belief.” That’s what I did and I...I read for over and hour and a half. I really got a good laugh out of it. But the thing is, the Koran and the Bible are blamed–Christians are blamed for believing in a flat earth because of evolutionists. Creationists just believe in creation. They never said the earth was flat. It’s not in the King James Bible. So for those of ya’ll that believe the flat earth theory is in the King James Bible, you’re sadly mistaken, which is like I told ya’ll before, I feel like it’s a control tool. I feel like, whatever...any kind of religion is manmade. Religion...the word religion means “to tie or bind,” by the way. That’s the Greek meaning of the word “religion.” To tie or bind your mind. It’s so conflicting. Both of them are so conflicting. Peace, war, don’t listen to the government, listen to the government, put God first, but pay taxes and obey your government. All of these are conflicting things. The Koran and the Bible both are very conflicting, so I wish ya’ll would really read now. Read now. I think your Bibles and your Korans are all worn on the outside but the pages are new. I’ve talked about this before. The Koran thinks the earth’s crust is like a carpet, but it never says that it’s flat. They just assume, because I guess a carpet’s flat, that that’s the way it is.


So yeah, that’s kinda funny to me, but then I read another article–as a matter of fact several–that put this as a conspiracy theory. Alright. I’m a conspiracy theorist to a certain point. We’re called conspiracy theorists because we believe 9/11 was an inside job. We believe Kennedy was assassinated by the Federal Reserve banksters for creating a new currency. Some people believe that we’re the aliens because we don’t coexist with the Earth and we’re the only species that doesn’t coexist with the Earth, that we actually destroy it to live on it. We’re the only species that know we’re gonna die. So some people think we’re the aliens. I can’t say that I don’t believe that maybe Mars was a planet at one time that we lived on and we destroyed it and came here. I mean, who knows? There’s the Black Knight satellite that’s been in the sky for 10,000 years, that Nikola Tesla found, still sending frequencies to Earth. We don’t get a lot of information on that. But it’s been up there for 10,000 years and it seems like civilization is about 10,000 years old, 10-12,000 years old, so... We don’t know how the pyramids were built. We don’t know how the Aztec temples were built. So some of these things you got to think about. I mean, we got so much going on in the world in the present moment, it’s hard to worry about the past or how we got here. It’s what we’re going to do now and how are future’s gonna be. But the point I’m trying to make about this flat earth thing: I don’t want these conspiracy theories, as they’re called, to get mixed up with those of us that look at the real issues. We’re called conspiracy theorists, but like 9/11...Let’s just take 9/11, for instance.


We know it happened. And we know how it happened. We don’t believe the official story, because it’s insane–the lies, the outright lies. The beams that were left being cut, the thermite in the rubble. Finding one of the terrorist ID card at the bottom of the rubble still intact where there was nothing else but dust, not even any paperwork or nothing. So the lies of it. Building 7 falling for no reason in a controlled demolition. And the Pentagon having one single hole–nowhere for the engines to go through. We’re called conspiracy theorists because that’s an easy label to give people who see the truth. So they mix us up with these flat earth people. They mix us up with the UFO people, ’cause whatever UFOs are. I was in the navy I saw some strange things, but they were manmade. So I’m not too sure about the UFO thing. I’m not too sure about the alien thing. I’m not too sure about whoever the New World Order’s are reptilians. I don’t know that. I don’t want to know that. I want to know why oil companies rape our planet and I want to know why chemtrails fly in the sky. We’re also called conspiracy theorists because we don’t believe that those are just exhaust fumes, contrails coming from those planes. ‘Cause we watch them, we see them stay in the air, we see them spread out and we see our sky turn gray! That’s not a contrail. When I was a little kid, we used to watch planes, and they’d be way up there, and you’d have to be lucky to see it. There’d be a little a little rocket thing, a little rocket fumes coming out the back. And it stayed with the plane, it never spread out. And it never stayed in the sky. And the sky was blue, and guess what? If you’re, I’d say, 30 years or older–no, about 35 or older–you should remember that the sun used to be yellow, not white. And the sky wasn’t illuminated. We had a sunbeam that came down on us. So whatever they’re spraying in the sky is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a fact. It’s a fact they won’t tell us the truth on. Just like 9/11.


So some things that we’re called conspiracy theories on, fine. We know the truth. We sit there and watch it. But they use the word ‘conspiracy theorist” to make us look crazy. And they mix us up with these kind of people [flat earth theorists]. The earth isn’t flat, people. Is the moon there? You’re damn straight. Get a telescope. You can still see the debris from whatever they sent up there. It’s still on the moon, by the way. So, whatever. The moon’s there, the stars are there. We’re going around the sun. This isn’t a conspiracy. But they mix us up with this kind of stuff. So, don’t get mixed up in it. Don’t get caught up in it. If you just research something when somebody tells you: “Hey, this is in the Bible” or “Hey, this is in the Koran,” go read it. Don’t just accept their word for it. If you got a preacher at church and he’s preaching that Jesus wants you to do this and Jesus wants you to do that, he may be taking one little verse out of context. Read the whole thing. If you’re gonna believe that way. If you’re gonna believe that way. Now as for me, ‘cause I’m about to get off here. As for me I’m just gonna explain my belief so you all know it.


And here’s my belief. There’s a creator that created every one of us. But he’s not up there pulling the strings. You can’t pray to him to help you. He might guide, he might allow something...a thought to come into your head and open your eyes. But he’s not up there with little strings, and we’re not puppets. We were created to do something. We were put on this planet. This planet is our mother. It’s Mother Earth. It’s where we get our life from, no matter how we got here. Somehow we were created, somehow we were put here. Alright? And if you want to believe the Bible, then go to revelations, ‘cause I believe it’s 18 verse 11. The last part of’s a long verse, but the last part of it says: “Destroy those who destroyeth the earth.” So all this sitting around waiting for a second coming and a second earth and a second heaven...I don’t know where that comes from. It flat out says “destroy those who destroy the earth.” That’s not a conspiracy, that’s in your Bible, that you don’t read. So if you’re gonna believe in the Bible, or you’re gonna believe in the Koran, you best read it and quit listening to your leaders! Because they both preach peace. That’s not a conspiracy. That’s not a conspiracy. You can’t go with the peaceful part, then go with what these men have changed it, like Scofield...and putting their own two cents in.


So, you flat earth believers out there, I love you if you hate the New World Order and you love this planet, flat or round, you’re still my brother. But don’t try to convince me of my beliefs and I won’t try to convince you that the Mother heals you and loves you and will take care of you if you go to her bosom and ask her to. If you put yourself out in the woods or in a swamp or on a mountaintop and ask her and call out to the universe. If you don’t believe that, then fine. I’m not gonna rag you and harass you about your beliefs, and I don’t expect... We have a common enemy, ya’ll. That’s the bottom line. And they’re the ones that are calling us conspiracy theorists. But when you come out and you say I’m an idiot because I don’t believe the earth is flat... I do believe in some science. I believe in the optics on a telescope. I believe in gravity ‘cause I busted my ass a lot, so whatever on your flat earth theory. It’s not mine, but the New World Order–that’s not a conspiracy theorists. That’s man come out and said it, from George Bush Senior. Nine-eleven–that’s not a conspiracy theorist. The United States federal government and the Mossad attacked our own people and killed 3000 people that day. Chemtrails are not a conspiracy. They’re flying in the sky; watch them. I got got plenty of videos with them putting grids right over my head and it looks like something out of a fricking science fiction movie.


So let’s get some things straight. Let’s quit bumping heads. That’s my main message, and I’m gonna leave this at the end of it. And I hope all you get it. Let’s quit bumping heads on the petty issues and stick with the one thing we’re united on. End wars. End baby killing. End lies. End the New World Order. And love our planet. That’s what I stand for. All the rest of it is up to you to believe. That’s your freedom and your liberty to do so, which is my freedom and liberty to do so. You’re not gonna be free until you let other people be free. Do you understand that part? You’re not free until you let other people be free. Until you let them have their liberties. You can’t make everybody believe as you, but you got to look at the main big picture. Something’s going on on this planet. They’re covering it up for some reason. They’re keeping wars going for profit to take everything from us. Some of us are actually dying now from the things they’re doing. This is what needs to be stopped.


As usual, I wish you all peace and happiness. Be good. Don’t fall off the face of the earth and watch out on that 150-foot wall ‘cause you sure don’t want them NASA employees to knock you down, okay? Peace, man. Ya’ll be good. I love you. I’m out.



“Destroy those who destroyeth the earth.” – Revelations 11:18 from the King James Bible reads: “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

Scofield – The Scofield Reference Bible is a widely circulated study Bible edited and annotated by the American Bible student Cyrus I. Scofield, which popularized dispensationalism at the beginning of the 20th century.

Bill Bunting
August 18, 2015



Hey, I got a message for you hating sonsabitches. I come out here and I take my time and I put myself out here to speak a little bit of truth about what’s going on to wake a few people up about things I think’s important. It ain’t easy to do. And it ain’t easy to get out here and speak about unity between the human race. But people like “whitepride” and “bigzeppelin” and a few others out there, you want to get on my damn comments, which most of the time, if you go back and look at anything I’ve said to ya’ll, most of the time all my comments are positive. People are saying, “Hey, thank you, Bill” and “Speak up, brother” and it’s all brothers and sisters talking. We’re just talking about a few things. But there’s quite a few of ya’ll. You want to get out there and you want to run your mouth. Well I’m gonna tell you something, you hating motherfucker. Come get you some. I’m gonna tell you just like I told them Klan motherfuckers. I ain’t scared. I’m 51 years old, I’m probably in the best shape of my life. I ain’t never been scared to fight. I’m an Ares, I love to fight. I love fighting more than I love about anything else in the world. But I try to keep my fight to the New World Order, to the things that are important. I fight for people to think. I fight for people to research. And you want to come out there and run your mouth on my damn youtube. Well, run your mouth. I’m in Columbus, Georgia. I’d be happy to meet any one of you sonsabitches face to face. ‘Cause I’m gonna tell you right now all you’re gonna do is lay on the ground and bleed. You’re gonna lay on the ground and cry. ‘Cause I ain’t scared. I ain’t scared of a goddamn thing. I been put in the woods when I was three years old. Left there by myself. I don’t fear anything. And I damn sure don’t fear death and I don’t fear no ass whooping–done took many of them. But you know how many come back and fought me a second time? Zero, brother. So run your goddamn mouth. ‘Cause see what you really hate is yourself. That’s the point I want to get across. You hate yourself. You hate who you are. So you got to pick another race, some race like a minority, jump on some bandwagon and be some federal government fucking stoolie, like a parrot, just parroting what they say: “Hate blacks, it’s the blacks’ fault. It’s the Jews’s fault. It’s this fault. It’s that fault.” It’s your fault for not standing up and being a man! But I’m man enough to give you a message right here. My name’s William Richard Bunting, Junior. I live in Columbus, Georgia. The greatest state in this stinking-ass nation. The heart of Dixie. The heart of the Confederacy. I don’t need my brothers to protect me. I protect myself. I’m a grown fucking man in every aspect of being a grown man. And I’ll beat you till you bleed, son. I’ll beat you till you bleed and then I’m gonna kick you like a dog. So call me race traitor. You know, call me some of of them good ol’ other racial slurs. I love everybody. I’m a member of the human race. If you fight for this planet, you’re my brother, you’re my sister. But if you want to get out there and blame somebody, you want to blame the blacks or the Jews or the Muslims or whatever, I don’t care about that shit. Hell, you might be right. I don’t know ‘cause I don’t look that way. I look at the real problems in life. The real problems that you’re all uneducated. You’re all fucking ignorant. And you’re all hating on the wrong goddamn thing. It’s the federal government you should be hating on. The New World Order. The energy companies that are raping our planet. My planet. This is my planet. It’s my fucking mother. But call me race traitor to my face. Call me anything to my goddamn face. You’ll see a 51-year-old man whoop your fucking ass. That’s what you’re gonna get. You’re gonna bleed, son. All of you. So come on, get it. ‘Cause I’m tired of it. Trying to do something decent around here. Trying to open a few eyes. That’s all I’m trying to do. It all comes from my heart. I don’t do nothing but love people and try to tell you something. But you boys want to get out there and run your mouth. I’m gonna tell you something, motherfucker. Come on. ‘Cause I ain’t goddamn scared of shit. I’ll beat you fucking bloody. That’s about all I got to say to you. Until you come talk to me face to face like a man, whatever you write on this social network, or whatever you put on facebook or any other social network, just makes you a punk, a keyboard coward. That’s all you are–a keyboard fucking coward. So pump up, son. Come get you some. William Richard Bunting. Columbus, Georgia. I ain’t hard to find. I live in this town. You can almost ask anybody who I am, where I’m from, where I live. Hell, I done been kicked out of every bar and every goddamn establishment in this town anyway,–for dealing with punks like you that hit your fucking women and hit your fucking kids in front of me. You’re gonna get hit back. I hit police that jump on people too. Ya’ll need to stand up a little bit. Now I’ll say that to the rest of you. All of you need to stand up a little bit. Don’t let police beat people. Don’t let bullies bully people. Bully their ass back. One good lick to a bully and a bully is over. But you mouth-running motherfuckers calling me race traitor ‘cause I got five half-black grandchildren...I want your ass so bad I can motherfucking taste it. Well, come get you some. Run your mouth, ‘cause that’s all you can do. ‘Cause you’re a self-hating bitch, is what you are. I’m calling you out right now. I ain’t gonna take your time. I’m telling you my name and the city I live in. Come on. Get it. Say it to my face. Fucking bitch. Deo Vindice, people. You want some, get some. That’s all I can tell you. You hate me, hate me. You love me, love me. I’ll love you back. You love this planet like you love yourself, this shit won’t happen. But you fucking haters out there that hate me so bad, come on. Get you some. ‘Cause this message is for you personally. You fucking personally. Little bitch. Mouth-running punk-ass bitch. Come on.



Klan – Ku Klux Klan a white supremacist organization founded in 1865 and later revitalized several times in the 20th century US South

Dixie – a historical nickname for the Southern United States

Confederacy – the confederation of secessionist American states during the US Civil War, 1861 to 1865

Deo Vindice – Latin for “Under God, our Vindicator”, Deo Vindice was the motto of the Confederate States of America and was engraved on their official seal

Bill Bunting
December 2, 2015



Hey, how ya’ll doing out there? You know, a lot of people ask me, you know, “Hey, Bill, you’re always saying don’t live in fear.” You know, they don’t seem to get the concept and they wonder how I can do it so easily. You know, if I was ever to disappear or something happened to me, and what would my loved ones know, or what if somebody tried to take a shot at me or something. I’m always telling ya’ll, you know, the truth, so I’m going to tell you the truth.


The reason why I don’t live in fear is ‘cause this vest right here holds my passport. You see? I’m protected. Can’t nobody get a heart shot on me. If I’m walking by some tall building one day and some planes hit it, I can just put the passport over my head. The rocks gonna knock off. Ya’ll saw how that... And listen, if I get crushed by it–if I fall out from underneath my passport and I can’t get underneath my passport for some protection–at least they’ll have an ID, you know, that there I was up under that crushed building, under all that dust and rubble and billions of metric tons of material falling down–they’ll know it was me ‘cause they’ll find my passport. So that’s how my loved ones will know where I am. And if the police ever chase me, ‘cause they couldn’t shoot me, ‘cause they tried to shoot me in the heart, it blocked that heart shot thanks to my passport–and they chase me into a cabin and they decide to burn me alive, well how will my relatives know it was me? ‘Cause I had my passport, alright? Ya’ll remember that. You know, the terrorists don’t leave home without it. We...they need to know who we are for when we disappear or they find it outside some damn place and they wanna know who it was that did the caper there. You’ll have your passport. Don’t be stupid. Put that thing right there by your heart, you know, no heart shot, you ain’t gonna die. But remember, I don’t care how big that meteor coming they say is gonna blow up the earth, you take that passport, put it over your head. That meteor hit it and shoot off to the side. You get it? That’s why you don’t live in fear–why I don’t live in fear, ‘cause I got my passport. I’m protected. Ya’ll be good. Don’t live in fear. Keep them meteors off your head.



If I’m walking by some tall building one day and some planes hit it – a passport of one of the supposed hijackers aboard one of the planes supposedly flown into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 was supposedly found intact some distance from the collapsed buildings. See this news report

don’t leave home without it – well-known slogan from ads for American Express credit cards. See for example this TV ad from 1985

they find it outside some damn place and they wanna know who it was that did the caper there – a possibly forged Syrian passport was supposedly found near the body of a suicide bomber who supposedly detonated himself during the Paris terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015. See this news report

Bill Bunting
June 27, 2015



Hey, how ya’ll doing? I talked to ya’ll not too long ago about some truths, and I appreciate your response. That was unreal. I ain’t that kind of person. I don’t care about attention. I just care about my planet and what does it. So I’m gonna talk about the lies that are killing my planet and killing you.


And one of the first ones I’m gonna talk about is hemp. In 1937 Alcoa and Dupont wanted to win all the contracts for the B-1 bombers, so they demonized hemp. Henry Ford had built a hemp car. You couldn’t beat it with an ax. Both Henry Ford and Rudolph Diesel designed their engines to run off hemp fuel. In early America you were required to grow so much hemp that we’d have paper and clothes and whatnot. So, it’s always been in our culture since probably the time of the Egyptians. I believe they’re finding it in tombs over there.


But anyway, it’s an industrial lie. Nobody’s ever died from hemp, so it’s definitely not a medical lie. It’s an industrial lie. The plastic industry and the aluminum industry were young and they wanted to win these contracts, so they demonzied hemp. And how’d they do it? They used racism, that ya’ll are so crazy about–racism–right now. They went in front of Congress and said that white women when they smoked marijuana–which was a new word–that they’d want to be with black men. A lie. Congress rubber stamped it. Ka-bam. Now hemp’s been demonized. Luckily that particular war on drugs is about over and we’re all able to sit back and enjoy a little bit. But look what the aluminum and the plastic did. Plastic’s filling up the Pacific Ocean. There’s a trash island out there about the size of the United States. You might want to research that. of the toxic by-products...wastes of aluminum is fluoride. They couldn’t get rid of it, so what’d they do? They put it in the water. It makes you docile, it hardens the pineal gland, so you lose contact with the mother, or the planet, which gave the industrial revolution a good spin, being: you don’t care about the planet, you don’t care what they do to it. Which brings up another thing. Without water you’re not gonna be alive. Water is one of the main things I worry about. I’ve shown ya’ll several beautiful places along north Georgia and North Carolina, all through the Appalachian Trail where I’ve drunk right out of springs. We all have that right to drink pure water. Okay? No doubt on that.


Alright. Now it comes down to, you know, industry lies about hemp so they can get rich. Then they make a lot of waste they can’t get rid of so it’s dumped–put in our water. Then it comes down to the food. Before fluoride was introduced to the water, and before we started getting this fake food, there was hardly any cancer. Look up the statistics. cancer, no sickness, even people that smoked mostly died from emphycema or breathing issues, not cancer. Now they got this fake food out there. The guys that go and spray it got to put on chem suits to spray it. That’s weird. The nicotoids in it were supposedly to keep the bugs off–I don’t know how that’s gonna work–bugs gotta eat too. And look at the honey bee? Where are the honey bees? No bees, no life. No pollenization, no life. Alright. That’s greed. That’s greedy corporations wanting to control the food and control the water. Nestle, you ain’t gonna make water a commodity. We have a right to water. We have a right to good food, we have a right to water, and we have a right to clean air. Why these chemtrails bother me so much. I’m not even gonna get in on the chemtrails.


Another lie that kills, and it’s gonna kill...and it’s killed a lot of people, and it’s gonna kill some more is the lie about minorities. In 1964 when the Civil Rights Act was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson, he was quoted as saying–at some elevator–saying he’d have every black person voting democratic for the next 200 years. Looks like he was right. The two-party lie’s another killer too, by the way. I’ll talk about that later on, ‘cause you know it’s a lie. You know that voting don’t do nothing. It’s a puppet show, just for your entertainment to keep you divided and hating each other. But about this minority thing, in 1964, when the Civil Rights Act was signed, the black family unit was 78% intact. Meaning the mother and the father and the kids were all married and lived in a house and whatnot. Alright, today it’s 7%. They set up a welfare system, which is fine, ‘cause I think we need that. I’m not a socialist, but I think we should take care of our own that can’t care of themselves. But it’s turned out to be kind of a handout thing. But notice that if–black, white or whatever–it don’t matter if a person’s on welfare and they got kids, they can’t have the man in the home. So that means there’s no father. That means the kids are raised by the state. That means a single parent has a hell of a job. I was raised by a single parent. It about drove my ma crazy. But thank you, ma, ‘cause you did a good job.


Now, look at the Indians. Look what the federal government did for the Indians. They killed them. They put them in a little spot, kept them drunk. They killed them. The black man’s demonized today. The lies about him are crazy. They make up about 12% of the population, according to the statistics, yet the fear is spread that they’re taking over. They’re not taking over, they’re human beings. They got just as much right to be here as we do. Anybody does. And to live free and to live like they want. But I think they’re kept down by the federal government. And I hope everybody out there that’s concerned about that will research it and look back into history and see how they’re all used as political pawns. Period. Nothing else. There’s some way of getting you to fall for that fake voting system, which reminds me of Charlie Brown and Lucy. She’s always snatching that football. Every year you vote, you get...every four years you vote for a president, you know, you don’t get what you want, and you think: “Aw, that’ll be the next four years.” They snatch that football right again, you land on your ass just like Charlie Brown. So quit being like Charlie Brown. You know.


The main things that they use that kills and murders the most is fear. We are the only species on earth that know we’re gonna die. You get that? We’re the only ones that know we’re gonna die. So think about that for a minute. They take that... It’s a natural thing, ‘cause we’re gonna die. You can’t stop it. Nobody lives forever. You’d be lucky to get 60 years nowadays. I think growing old’s like the worst way to die anyway, so I don’t care. I mean, I lived a good life. My kids, I got grandkids, you know, as far as the Cherokee believe and I believe, I’ll live forever now, so whatever on dying. You’re gonna die. So quit fearing it, ‘cause they use it against you. They’ll make it sound like some Muslim bogeyman’s gonna come over here–that has no army or air force or navy to get over here–and they’re gonna kill you. Cut your head off. They’re gonna slip through the border in Texas and cut your head off. Do unimaginable things to your kids. It’s a lie so they can kill those people for their resources. But they got you so scared you’re supporting it. How many of you read the Patriot Act? Another killer. Did you read the Patriot Act? Naw, you just jumped on it, ‘cause they said you’re either with us or you’re against us. Even congressmen didn’t read the Patriot Act. They just signed it blindly. So this fear mongering is what gets you. It’s what helps you support them, makes you think you need this federal government, this murdering United States federal government, makes you think you need them for protection. Well be careful what you ask for, ‘cause you might just get it. The United States federal government’s securing you? They will secure you to death. Or they will kill another race or another country to make you think you’re secure. War is a racket. War is a lie. You need to listen to Ron Paul about that. And happy belated birthday, Ron Paul. I love you. You’re a champion of liberty and a wealth of knowledge and information for me and a hero of mine, just like Doctor King. Both of ya’ll. Speakers and great men. I love you to death.


But look at the lie about war. It’s for profit. War is for profit. They’ve funded all sides of it. The ISIS videos–they’re made up. They look like something out of a James Bond movie. When did they get uniforms? The only people in the world that use the orange jumpsuit as to show a prisoner or something is America. What were they using orange jumpsuits over there? The guy burning in the cage–the cage didn’t even have a bottom. He wasn’t even jumping around. I got burned by a cigarette once, man, and I ran like a damn squirrel.


So don’t fall for the lie. It’s that damn TV. They use that TV. The media–there’s another lie. Edward Bernays. He’s a master of advertising and group thinking. Read a book by Gustave Le Bon called “The Crowd.” It’s the mentality of group thinking. They get you to think something and everybody says it, and then all of a sudden it’s true. They keep repeating the same lie and it becomes true. You need to think about that. You need to look at something for yourself. Because all those things I mentioned–hemp, war, food, medicine, life–both of them, all of them, that we got to have them. I mean, you know...the hemp, it ain’t for everybody, I mean. But it’s not plastic. We can make everything from hemp that we make from plastic and aluminum and even some metal. So, we need to think about that. But the last thing I’m gonna bring up is the newest minority that’s been created. The gay community. Now I’m live and let live. So ain’t nobody gonna sit here and get me to say anything bad about gay folks. You want to have a relationship with somebody your same sex, go do it. Have fun. You know, be in love. Enjoy. Go out here and walk in the woods. You know, but get off that goddamn TV. That TV’s killing ya’ll, man. But now that you’ve been recognized and you’ve been given “rights,” what’s gonna happen to you now? I’d like to hear from some gay people. Do you think that you’re more protected now? I think you’ve been made a target. I think you’re used to divide this nation. To make the people out there that don’t care for it hate more, and now they’re gonna stand up and say: “This ain’t right, this ain’t right. They got the White House looking like a Fruit Loop box.” Big deal? I mean, it’s just the White House. It’s a figurehead place for a bunch of idiots that don’t even run the country. But they make you hate. They make you hate. They make you fear. You’re afraid. Oh now, you know, they’re gonna get married. I guarantee you one thing. If you made divorce illegal, I’ll bet ya’ll wouldn’t be getting married. So think about that, ‘cause it really ain’t funny. I worry about you now. At first I thought, hell, man, you know, get a life partner and live how you want. I thought that was great, you know. You could do the legalities on paper, so that’s another lie. But now that you’ve been exposed, now that you’ve been put out there, people’s gonna hate on it. Just like they hate on the welfare system. Just like they hate on the black man that they think gets everything for free. They hate the Indians ‘cause they think they get everything for free. They don’t. They’re political pawns. They’re being used. The United States federal government don’t care about you. When you get that through your damn head, you’ll understand that they need to be gone. We need to get rid of them. Yeah, do we need some kind of government to help old people, poor people, disabled people? Sure. Does the rest of the country need to help out with it? Sure. Not fifty percent of your paycheck, but yeah. We need to let the local communities help people again. But we need to get rid of these lies that kill. ‘Cause these are killing not only ya’ll, they’re killing my planet right there. And that’s where I’m gonna get mad. That’s where I’m gonna stand up probably go to jail or get killed myself. ‘Cause I’m gonna defend her. It’s my mother. It’s my planet. So please, be smart. Think. Research. Look into something. Look at history–the history they don’t want you to know. They don’t want you to know it. So you stay dumb and you just look at them for “protection.” ‘Cause I’m gonna tell you one thing, one thing for sure. The biggest lie is that somebody else can keep you safe. You’re the one responsible for your safety. You’re the only one responsible for your safety. Not the government, not somebody else. You are. So keep yourself safe. Keep yourself free. Look into the lies. Look into all the issues up right now. See how they’re being used. In 1871–look up the Act of 1871. In 1871 corporations were considered a “person.” That means they could vote, lobby for laws. And ever since then it’s gone to hell in a handbasket. The planet’s toxic. We’re dying left and right. Pharmaceutical industry, corporations got all kind of fake stuff out there killing people, causing other people to kill people with these crazy-ass mind-altering drugs. Ya’ll need to think about that.


I want to wish you peace. I want to wish you happiness. But the main thing I want from every one of you is to not live in fear. Fear is the enemy. Fear is what’s used against you by US federal government, by the New World Order, whatever you want to call it. It’s used against you so they can get their way. And you actually support it. You support the killing of babies, you support the rape of my planet. All because you fear something that they made up, some fake bogeyman. So think about that. Think about that. Just think, period. Don’t live in fear. Peace, brothers and sisters. I love you to death. I just want you to wake up and look around you and see the lies that kill. Take it easy.


Bill Bunting
November 30, 2015



Hey, how ya’ll doing out there? Any of ya’ll that know me know that the one thing I love more than anything else in this world is my planet–our mother. And it seems to be beyond me that many of ya’ll can’t get the concept of: “no planet–no life.” Alright? And that’s just a fact. Nobody can make that up. Nobody can make you fear that. You should respect that. We should make you respect your planet. Your overconsuming has really gotten so far out of hand that the energy companies–the energy whores–run this planet. They go anywhere they want and get oil or gas, or kill a nation, or go to war with anybody that want so you can fill up your damn gas tank. I don’t like that. I’ve come out here many times, I’ve talked about how roughneck and oil well workers and frackers don’t tend to live past the age of 43. And if they do it’s not a quality life because they’re sick. Nobody cares; they don’t care. They’re just trying to make a living. And I understand that you’re trying to make a living; I have no problem with that. But your living’s killing the rest of us. You people out there that [are] just kinda nonchalant about how you get someplace. You don’t walk anyplace anymore; you’re always in the car. I don’t care if it’s a hundred yards down the road; you get in your car and you go. I’m not telling you to quit using gasoline. I’m not telling you to quit using natural gas or coal seam gas or tar sands–whatever the hell that toxic shit is. What I’m trying to tell you is: quit overdoing it. Scrimp a little bit. Save some. You know, people are dying for this, by the way. But, you know, you energy companies out there, ya’ll don’t give a damn. You’re out to make a profit. You’ve raped so many parts of this planet, that there’s so many scars and holes on it, and can’t nobody do nothing about it. But I’m gonna give you just a few little facts about fracking, which happens to be my main concern right now.


One, it’s really about water control. Halliburton works with Nestle. They’re looking to make water a commodity. But here’s the thing. It takes over two million gallons of water to frack one well. You ever wonder why Cali’s run out of water? They have plenty of reserves. They don’t reuse this frack water. They use it to put on plants. They’re finding ways of watering GMO plants or grazing grass out for cows. So they’re gonna reuse this water since they can’t seem to find a place to dump it. And they do dump it, by the way. [There are] Plenty of pictures, plenty of people following these rigs around that dump the water right on the side of the road, or right on dirt roads to keep them from being dusty. So it’s going right back, right back to you. People catch their water on fire still. People still have their kids bleeding from their ears, from their nose, from...their kids dying. It’s sad. It’s sad that you can’t see this. It’s sad that you can’t realize that Dick Cheney, back in 2007, made fracking exempt from the Clean Air and Clean Water and Clean Land Act. So you’re not even paying attention to the laws a matter of fact, you can’t even see the laws ‘cause they ain’t there; they’re exempt. They use over a hundred chemicals, and you don’t even no what 99% of them are. But they’re all cancer-causing chemicals. They all destroy the water aquifers that we have.


So I really don’t care what you’re gonna do ‘cause I can tell you ain’t gonna quit overconsuming. I can tell that you’re not gonna walk anywhere, you’re not gonna try to have a day at home with your family. You’d rather just drive out someplace. You go drive and you go do what you gotta do. ‘Cause I’m gonna do what the hell I gotta do. And what I do ain’t gonna be spoken about on here.


Take care of business. Take care of business. The business is the planet. No planet–no life. No planet–no politics, no religion, no house, no kids, no life. I’m gonna tell you what. When this mother–our mother–this planet shakes us all off, I’m gonna be the one sonofabitch out there floating around in space with my bird finger up, grinning like a Cheshire cat. ‘Cause you been told. You fear death, you’re lazy, you wanna be pampered. I mean, it’s sick how easily fooled we are nowadays, how easily roped in we are to things, how we just try to get along and not make waves while companies–corporations–murder our planet, our children, and our way of life. But the rest of it’s up to you. But my message to the energy whores out there: you’re about to get yours, son. You’re about to get yours. People are standing up. South America has banned fracking. Most places in Europe have banned fracking. States across the United States are banning fracking from their communities. Places in Australia are banning fracking. France banned fracking. You’re all so worried about the damn terrorists over there. The real terrorists are these damn energy companies. They keep the wars going so they can take oil from these companies [i.e. countries] that don’t want to sell under the petrodollar.


Ya’ll gotta wake up. As a matter of fact, I really don’t care if you wake up ‘cause I’m woke...I’m awake. I see the murder and rape of our planet and our fellow human beings, and it’s time to do something about it. You can stand up and help. But you ain’t gonna help me. I’m a loner. I like to do things on my own. That way I ain’t got nobody to snitch on me, or tell on me, or go run to somebody and get me in trouble. But am I an environmental activist? Yeah. I mean, we’ve talked about this before. Do they know who I am? Yes. That’s why I won’t get involved with groups and that’s why I won’t get involved with other people. I don’t want to bring the heat that’s on me on them. So they can go do their thing, and I will continue to do mine. But ya’ll need to rethink about this burning shit for power. There’s just hundreds of ways of getting energy without burning shit. Especially the lifeblood of this earth.


Think about it. Do something. Don’t live in fear, and fight these damn energy whores. They’re not there to help you get along and get you down the road. They’re there to make a profit, no matter what they do. Watch out for this pipeline coming from Canada. When it busts all over America, all I’m gonna do is tell you I told you so. And then the Indians out there–the Cheyenne and the Apache–they’re gonna tear it up. And I’m gonna be right there applauding them and supporting my brothers for what they do. Take care of business. Take care of your family. Stop overconsuming all these energy sources. Turn off some lights! Walk somewhere. Carpool, whatever you got to do, but start conserving. The time is now. Ya’ll be good. Take it easy. Time to take care of business. See ya’.



Cali – California

Bill Bunting
January 27, 2016



Hey, a lot of ya’ll out there don’t like what I got to say, and it’s a very few of you, but I’m gonna respond to you ‘cause I get tired of typing all the time. You don’t know who the hell I am and you don’t like what I say ‘cause you see that I’m southern and you see my Confederate flag, so you know I’m Confederate. I got long hair and dress in this old military garb, and so you make all these jokes, and that’s fine. Well, let me explain just a little bit of that and tell you who Bill Bunting is so you at least get your digs right, ‘cause you’re way off base.


One, what do I do? After 31 years of machining and building this lie that we live in, I saw that I was destroying the planet, so I fled away. Now I go to landfills and I cut down old dead trees and cut them into firewood. There’s some over there. There’s a big stack. So these people in these houses back here with these fireplaces so they’ll have their energy source without having to kiss the New World Order’s ass. Alright. So you wanna know how I work. That’s what I do right now. After all them cushy years in a machine shop, where I should be up in some damn corporate place like Pratt & Whitney being a supervisor or a manager or something, now I’m busting my ass every day.


I wear the military clothes ‘cause look. Look what I do. Look what I work in, I need strong, sturdy clothes. I’m poor. I don’t got a lot of money. I ain’t ashamed of that. I’ve never made less than $50,000 a year since the last 25 years of my life, and big deal. I still wear this ‘cause I hunt and I track and I live in the South. I mean, I am a redneck, by the way. I’m not a hillbilly, I’m a swamp rat. So get that part right. And I’m from south Georgia. I’m inbred. I come from the Dodja [?] Jackson family from south Alabama. Long Confederate bloodline. Good bloodline. The Bunting side is north Florida and even up there in Massachusetts. All men who served, all strong men and women. The women were educated. All university graduates. All schoolteachers. That’s like the family deal, so whatever on my bloodline and being inbred. Fine. And I live like I want. But I’m broke. I’m poor. I live simple and I like gear that fits the job. So there you go on why I’m wearing camos and stuff.


As far as the money and all goes, I stepped away from the Federal Reserve Bank lie, so whatever. I may only get 30-40 bucks a day, but I live simple. I live within my means. I don’t need nothing. I help plenty of people and they help me. I hardly ever got to cook a dinner or nothing. I love Dixie for that and I love the way you help somebody to help you back. So whatever on your money and how you live. I live my way and I like it, so you live your way. I ain’t telling you how to live. I just point out a few truths.


Oh, but then I’m a methy. Meth. Of all the things you can come up with. No. I’m a pot roller and a pothead. Big fucking deal. It’s part of the Mother and it’s part of nature. But I take this part too and I turn it into a fuel source. I can’t change the world. I know that. I ain’t stupid. But I can do my part. I can do my little bit. I stepped out of the bullshit and tried to help this planet. So you wanna rag me on that, fine, but get your digs straight. I ain’t no damn drug addict, but I do smoke pot. I’m Confederate, but I empower southerners–black, white and Indian–to unite against this federal government. I don’t hate anybody but the federal government. And I hate cowards that ask for federal help, Oregon.


Work? Don’t be dumb, get you some. Do that all day and then tell me about work. And as far as money, stick that fake shit up your ass. I don’t worry about it. But you wanna know who Bill Bunting is? There you go. Every time I have had a bit of money, I’ve gone to places like Australia to see our Mother, to help other people with problems and fracking and just to visit and be with cool people and learn other people understand the world. Walked part of the Appalachian Trail this summer. Three of the best months of my life. I suggest some of ya’ll should do that and get away. But you can’t stop the truth. But you can cast aspersions on the person that’s speaking it. So fine. ‘Cause I don’t give a rat’s ass what you think. I never have cared about what you people think. I just hate to see you going down the tubes like you’re going to hell in a handbasket. So I try to throw little things out there to remind you. Some of you like it. Most of you do. The ones of you that hate it, you want to learn who Bill Bunting is? There you go. You see me now? I’m [?]. I’m tired. I’m dirty. I live in the South. I work hard. I love this planet. I’m a tree hugger, so I take dead trees and turn them into a fuel source so people don’t have to cut down forests. I promote hemp for industrial use and I smoke pot for medical use, and it works for me so I think it works for other people. But that’s my business. And, yeah, I’m a southern fucking redneck goddamn swamp rat, so kiss my rebel ass on whatever else you think about me. Get a life, ‘cause I’m gonna tell you something. And I told this to some folks in Australia one time about the fracking business and all the fussing. If my life’s business has you distracted from your cause and you being free, you’re pathetic. You’re fucking pathetic.


But anyway, get some better digs, man, ‘cause I don’t like to type. I don’t type well, I guess, ‘cause I’m a stupid hillbilly. and the meth or something keeps me from typing well, but I don’t like to type all night. I got better things to do. And, you know, when I do type back I want to say something clever and make it worth my while. So come up with some better digs. About all that other shit, think what you want. It ain’t gonna change the way this world is. It ain’t gonna stop them spraying the skies, it ain’t gonna stop them from poisoning the water. It ain’t gonna stop them from making fake food and vaccinating your kid with aluminum. It ain’t gonna stop them from murdering the planet for a resource. And it ain’t gonna stop them from shooting III% brothers in the fucking street. You might be next. But don’t worry about Bill Bunting. ‘Cause now you know. So find something in that to dig about, ‘cause I’m proud of everything that I do. I’m very confident of the man I am and I’m very at peace with nature and the Mother, – the things that matter. So whatever.


The rest of ya’ll out there that opened your eyes and saw a little bit, I love you. I know some of you researched ‘cause you didn’t like me. And I don’t care if you like me or not. It ain’t about liking me, it’s about you opening your eyes and changing the world. Every little bit that you can do. Ya’ll do it. I love ya’ll. And ya’ll haters, just come up with some better stuff. And quit living in fear. That government’s playing ya’ll like a chump, boy. I can’t believe how scared ya’ll get sometimes. Wake up.



digs – critical comment; insult

off base – mistaken

camos – a pair of pants or an outfit made of camouflage fabric [short for “camouflage”]

methy – one who abuses methamphetamines

rag – to criticize (especially unfairly)

going to hell in a handbasket – rapidly deteriorating; on a course for disaster

tree hugger – an environmentalist or one who believes trees and all living things should not be cut down or harmed

III% – a patriot group that believes in the need for citizens to stand up and oppose what they see as wrongful actions of the federal government

chump – a foolish or easily deceived person

Bill Bunting
January 31, 2016



Deo Vindice, brothers. It’s a sad day for the United States of America. It’s a sad day for the militias. We just watched one of our brothers get shot down in cold blood like a dog in the snow in Oregon. We listened to the people of Oregon and even the governor of Oregon beg for federal assistance on a peaceful occupation of public land. We watched them demonize us and try to make us look bad to the American people. And this is all a setup. The reaction to what happened in Oregon is anger. We all want some payback, don’t we? We want to get the ass back, don’t we? But guess what? That’s what they’re counting on. They’re counting on us to be hot-headed. They’re counting on us to do something in retaliation. So it’s a good time today to remind ya’ll about a few things.


One is: revenge is a dish best served cold. We need to set on this one for a minute and be smart. ‘Cause I want to point out one thing. They dedicated one Predator drone to that vehicle that LaVoy was in. You saw the video. You saw what it could do. When you add the heat-seeking, infrared technology that goes on these cameras, there really ain’t nowhere for us to hide. You don’t see anybody hiding and getting away out there in the Middle East when you look on LiveLeak or look at videos form the war in the Middle East, you see those guys running around in the dark, hiding in the sand. There is no hiding. Alright? The cowardly federal government loves their drones, ‘cause their men on the ground are traitors. And traitors have no heart. They know we have heart. They know that we stand for liberty, freedom and justice for all. A lot of ya’ll are my age. I’m 51. And we were brought up being patriots. We were brought up defending the Constitution. When I took my oath in ’81 with the United States Navy to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, we never really thought that it would turn domestic. Even though we’ve been warned by several presidents throughout the history of America that a shadow government’s back there pulling the strings. And we know it. I call them the New World Order. Ya’ll can call ‘em what you want. But right now we gotta be smart. They’re wanting us to do something stupid. ‘Cause here’s the deal.


They’re gonna keep demonizing us. They’re gonna keep promoting what either their people are putting out in the media or just the dummy people. We know there’s a lot of dumb people in America that have fallen for these lies. They’re so scared. They’re sacred they’re gonna die and they want security, so they beg for this security, as they did in Oregon. You see what I’m getting at? They’re gonna try to get the consensus of all of America that militias are bad, that militias do no good, and that militias need to be wiped off the face of the United States of America. Well that ain’t gonna happen. I know down here in Dixie we’re 1.2 million strong. The Confederacy is not a militia. It’s a national government. And that’s a government, a group that I’m a member of. I was born into this. We have been watching the federal government—easy—for the last 150 years.


So, this is how they work. They infiltrate us. They got some boys up there in Oregon—you saw that. I think there was some boys down there, a couple of Aprils back, in Nevada. These feds, they get in there, they do it in all groups. The environmentalists—they sneak people in there. The people that protest against the government. They sneak people in there. It’s called controlled opposition. Down here in the South we look for these federal agents. We seek ‘em out, we find ‘em and we send ‘em right back to D. C. where they belong. But we can’t do this everywhere. So my advice would be to know your members, to not call out for war or death or destruction to the United States federals, but yet to keep things to ourselves. Quit showing your weapons on the social medias. Quit, you know, wishing death upon the government, and: “we’re gonna get you” and all this. ‘Cause see, they’re making lists of all of us. How do I know this? ‘Cause I know Halliburton put me on the list for what I do against the energy companies. I can’t fly out of America and I’m pretty sure about everything I do’s watched, marked and measured. So fine. But see, that’s part of what we do down here. That’s what we don’t care about down here in Dixie. The Confederacy don’t care about the feds making lists. They can make all the lists they want. But sooner or later they gotta come down and do this. Now as bad as this is gonna sound, I’m gonna give you a little bit of advice. Stick to your state! They draw us out to these weird places, all the way up in Oregon. And brothers were going from everywhere. I got a couple brothers from Georgia. One of them’s in jail up there right now. And they draw us out. Well, when we live our state or our region—I’ll just say region ‘cause I ain’t no state person, I ain’t no border person—but when we leave our region, we leave it undefended! Remember Reconstruction? When the men are gone, they’re gonna come in and hang, torture, and murder the women and children that feel strongly. Now it’s about patriotism; back then it was about states’ rights. That we didn’t want... The feds marched through here and murdered thousands of people just because they wouldn’t pledge loyalty to the Union. So their men were gone, they weren’t there to defend them. I need you to keep that in mind.


But you need to look at the technology that they got, too. They use these computers, they use social media, and they’ve made their list of gun owners. You know, some of ya’ll out there showing your weapons. Come on, now. I mean, we ain’t got much, but we don’t need to show ‘em what we got. We don’t need to tell ‘em any more information than we already have, ‘cause they got plenty. You got to stop sometimes and take a deep breath. I just had to. That’s why I’m out here in the woods right now. I had to find a little peace with what went on. Watching a patriot brother get murdered in the goddamn snow just ripped my heart out. I wanted payback. I wanted to do something about it. And I know you good men with with good hearts wanting to do something about this, because that’s why this evil is here to begin with. That’s why the United States and the world is in the shape it’s in right now. Because good men sat back and did nothing. Well our time’s coming. But we got to be smart about who they are and what they have.


They can watch us from satellites. You’ve seen the Predator drone footage. NDAA 2012, which I hope ya’ll would take a glance at, turned America into a battlefield. They can treat it like a battlefield, so that’s why we got drones in the sky. That’s why they’re infiltrating groups. That’s why they’re moving around and making lists, and that’s why they start these false flag shootings, and mass shootings, and they allow things like up in Oregon to happen. Now we gave them a black eye in Nevada. Ya’ll did. Ya’ll gave them a black eye down in Nevada. You made the damn BLM back up like crawdads. I mean they couldn’t get out of there quick enough. Them boys didn’t want to die. ‘Cause see, they’re afraid to die too, cause they have no heart, they have no soul. They joined up with the most murdering bunch of thieves and liars ever on the face of this planet. So they ain’t nothing but pieces-of-shit traitors. We know that! So just let them be.


The thing is, you’ve got to get your communities—local communities. Talk to these people. Show them what’s really going on. Keep it off the social network. Prep. Get people to prep, to grow gardens. Get ready for depression, that is coming anyway, ‘cause their dollar’s about to crash. And they’re so scared of the sun and the reactions from the sun, they spray the skies to keep their precious electrical and communication grid going. They’re scared too. See? They’re waiting for us to die out—those of us that were raised on the American Dream and the American Way and patriotism. Well I’m a rebel! I could give a rat’s ass about what the federal government told me about being a patriot. I joined the Navy because we’re required to join the Navy down here. I mean join the armed services down here. So we can get an inner look at the workings of the federal military machine. And I’ve seen it. It’s awesome. But our brothers in the military ain’t gonna kill us. That’s why they keep ‘em over in the Middle East. You ever think about that? ‘Cause if they was over here, that shit in Oregon wouldn’t have happened and Lavoy would still be alive.


Don’t let that man’s death make you do something stupid, ‘cause that’s what they want. ‘Cause they’re watching. They’re watching from the skies, they’re watching from these computers, they’re watching everything. They’re marking and they’re measuring, and they’re making a list. And they’re gonna check it twice. As a matter of fact, they’re gonna check it every time they can. They add to it every second. They got this ungodly database that takes in a lot of information, so it’s a different day and age. It’s just not like the old days where, you know, we had some conventional means of fighting back. They got a lot of the technology and they got a lot of power. But they can’t kill an idea! And that’s what they understand. That’s what they fucking fear. They cannot kill an idea, and the idea is freedom and liberty and justice for all of us! Every American—black, white, Indian, Asian. I don’t care who you are. That ain’t my deal. It’s liberty, justice and freedom for all of us. Now that’s what they’re trying to, like, water down and eradicate from the American conscious. It’s like it don’t matter no more. The Constitution don’t matter.


Some of these people are grabbing on to socialism and all these isms. Well damn that. What we need to unite on is our common enemy. You may not like me for being southern Confederate, you may not like me for having long hair. You may not like me for a lot of reasons. But you should love me as a brother, because I stand against the federal government just like you guys do. I see the lies that kill. I see the lies that have murdered and raped this planet. It’s not a government. It’s corporations. It’s super-rich. And they’re playing their little chess game. And that’s fine. ‘Cause see, we can’t really fight them in the field successfully, being of NDAA 2012 and the Patriot Act. They’re already calling patriots “terrorists.” They’re getting this mindset in the American people, ‘cause see, they’re gonna get the American people, sooner or later, to support the government—the corporation New World Order—to murder us. Alright? And I don’t want to see any more of my brothers bleed. I don’t wanna see you die. I love to hear your resolve and your determination, and that you’ll die for your country and that you’ll die for freedom and liberty. But what you gonna live for? ‘Cause brothers, you can’t fight from that goddamn grave, and you know that. So what you gonna live for? So let’s get smart. Let’s use their technology against them. Let’s use the group-thinking mentality, hive-mind shit they use against the American people, let’s use that to show the American people—in our local communities and our own regions—that it’s all a lie. Show ‘em the truth. Show ‘em what we were brought up believing in the 50s and 60s and 70s. Show ‘em what this country’s really about. Point out all the little lies, because, see, they nit-picked and chipped away at the laws and the Constitution over a century. This ain’t nothing new. And they pass these laws—these paper laws—and the next thing you know, everybody’s a criminal. They’ve done this by design. They’ve done it on purpose. Also I want you to take into consideration that the military as well as the executive branch of the federal puppet show up there has said that climate change is the number one interest for national security. They’re worried about the planet. And the Mother’s on our side! This planet is on our side, ‘cause this is where we live, this is where we dwell, this is what we call home, brothers. And they can watch us from the sky, and they can see a little red glow when they see one of us down there sneaking up on ‘em. Fine. We see them for the liars they are. And let me give you a little bit of good news. I’m gonna give you a little bit of good news about history and what history has shown me.


From the very creation of the New World Order—whether you wanna take it all the way back to Rome or whatever—it’s always failed because good men stood up! There’s more of us than there are of them. There’s 330 million Americans and less than a million cops and national guard. They know this and they fear this! They know good men’ll see this sooner or later. But we can’t do this in handful, ragtag groups. We’ve got to get the American people back to seeing the truth: that we’re not here to start wars, that we’re not here to just be a fly in the ointment, that we’re here to protect the rights that we were given by their piece of paper, called the Constitution, and that God gave us.


They want tax slaves. They want ‘em so dumb and dulled down that they just go to work and they don’t pay attention to the 51% of taxes being taken out of their check. They don’t pay attention that they gotta pay for things that we never paid for, like health care and insurance and stuff like that. They…oh my God, the lies are so great from this government. But that’s all they’re trying to do, is make the most compliant tax slave ever. They’re gonna be depopulating, too. So you need to take the religion and the politics out of our cause and unite on the one common thing: freedom, liberty and justice for all. That’s all we need to be concerned about right now. The rest of it’ll fall in place. We can take time to bicker over them little petty issues. But black, white, gay, straight—I don’t care what you are—if you stand against the United States federal government, you are my brother and my sister. You understand that? Ya’ll need to get that mindset. You need to open your hearts up to other people that are just as patriotic—or rebellious—as we are. Today is the day that patriots and rebels need to sit down at the table and think about things. Be smart. Look at what we’re up against and the many many ways that we have to go about fighting back. Everybody sees a gun as the fight. It’s not the gun. It’s not the gun. It’s the idea. The idea that they can’t kill. The idea that we are free men!


I love you, brothers. I love you as my blood brothers. I love you as my brothers that walk this planet. And I love you as my brothers who stand up against evil. We don’t need to become the monster that we fight. But we’re gonna have to get pretty close. But we’re gonna have to be smart. We’re gonna have to be smart, ya’ll. Take what’s going on in your heart right now and your mind. I know a lot of you are physically and mentally and emotionally and spiritually broke down right now about what’s going on. You see the American people—some of ‘em—it’s so few—see, they only put in the media the ones that are against their issues. The ones that sit out there and say: “Aw, he got what he wanted. Aw, it just looks like another felon murder.” Hey, don’t react to that shit! Stay off this social network with the threats and the opinions. Talk in private amongst yourselves. Know your other brother, that he is a brother, and not some federal rat that’s infiltrated your group. We keep ‘em out of Dixie. But Dixie can’t do this all by ourself. And ya’ll can’t do it by yourself. Unity. Unity. Through dropping petty shit and focusing on the real meaning of why we stand against the federal government.

I love ya’ll. I wanna see peace in America. But I also know that that peace is not gonna come because they keep provoking us. They keep changing the rules every day. This is where we gotta stop, think and what’s our best way of fighting back. Alright?


Ya’ll be good out there. Your hearts are in the right place. I just want you to think about what we’re standing up against and how that we can go about fighting it. I want you to get your communities involved. Start prepping. Start growing gardens. Start saving water. Put some grits up. ‘Cause it’s gonna get rough. This is just a tip of the iceberg.


Ya’ll don’t live in fear. Deo Vindice. God bless America and God bless the Confederacy. God bless free men that stand up to tyranny. Deo Vindice, brothers. Be good.



Deo Vindice — Latin for “Under God, our Vindicator”, Deo Vindice was the motto of the Confederate States of America and was engraved on their official seal

shot down in cold blood like a dog in the snow in Oregon — Robert “LaVoy” Finicum was shot dead on January 26, 2016 by Oregon State Police troopers. He had participated in the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Predator drone — an unmanned aerial vehicle used for surveillance and attack

oath in ’81 in the United States Navy to defend this country against all enemies, foreign and domestic — upon enlisting in the United States Armed Forces, each person enlisting in an armed force (whether a Soldier, Sailor, Coast Guardsman, Airman, or Marine) takes the following oath of enlistment:
"I, [name], do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

we’ve been warned by several presidents throughout the history of America that a shadow government’s back there pulling strings — see quotations from George Washington and other political leaders on the shadow government here and Bill Bunting’s discussion of here.

Dixie — a historical nickname for the Southern United States

a couple of Aprils back, in Nevada — the Bundy standoff was a confrontation between protesters and law enforcement that developed from a 20-year legal dispute between the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and cattle rancher Cliven Bundy, over unpaid grazing fees on federally owned land in southeastern Nevada that was successfully resolved in favor of the protesters in April of 2014

Halliburton — an American multinational corporation with a reputation for participating in and benefitting from numerous recent wars

Reconstruction — the transformation of the Southern United States from 1863 to 1877, as directed by Congress, with the reconstruction of state and society, considered by most historians to have been a failure because the South became a poverty-stricken backwater attached to agriculture, after which white Democrats re-established dominance through violence, intimidation and discrimination.

NDAA 2012 — the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 is a United States federal law which besides other provisions specifies the budget and expenditures of the Department of Defense that authorizes $662 billion in funding, among other things "for the defense of the United States and its interests abroad,"controversial provisions of which authorize the indefinite military detention of persons the government suspects of involvement in terrorism, including U.S. citizens arrested on American soil.

BLM — the Bureau of Land Management is an agency within the United States Department of the Interior that administers more than 247.3 million acres of public lands in the United States

crawdads — crayfish

the American Dream — the American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, the set of ideals (Democracy, Rights, Liberty, Opportunity, and Equality) in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility for the family and children, achieved through hard work in a society with few barriers

the American Way — the American way of life, or simply the American way, is the unique lifestyle, real or imagined, of the people living in the United States of America. It refers to a nationalist ethos that purports to adhere to principles of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." At the center of the American way is the American Dream, the idea that upward mobility is achievable by any American through hard work. This concept is intertwined with the concept of American exceptionalism, the notion that the American way is only possible in the U.S. because of the unique culture of the nation.

they’re making a list. And they’re gonna check it twice — a quote from the 1934 song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” the meaning of which is that Santa Claus keeps track of people’s behavior and only brings presents for those who have been good.

Bill Bunting
February 2, 2016



Hey, how are ya’ll officers doing? Hard days we’re living in, brothers and sisters. And I do say “brothers and sisters” ‘cause I ain’t so much anti-police; I’m just anti-lies that keep us divided and fighting and killing each other for no reason other than some agenda. So I’m gonna start this out by saying I appreciate your job but I don’t appreciate where it’s gone to. I wanna bring up two Supreme Court decisions that greatly influence this. One is in the early 2000s, in the mid-2000s so far, the Supreme Court decision that ya’ll don’t have to protect and serve anymore, that you’re just out there to enforce the law. And that’s fine for police and sheriffs and all, but that ain’t what the job started out to be, and ya’ll know that. The other one is, people that had either too high of an IQ or thought for themselves were denied access into the police academy. And these people that were smart and wanted to be cops—they lost. The Supreme Court said the police can hire who they want. So I want you to think about that, what kind of person that they’re wanting to be a police nowadays.


My only problem is not the way that we’re perceiving you, because we see the militarized uniforms and weaponry and MRAPs in the streets. That’s kinda how we’re seeing you. What my concern is, officers, is how you perceive me. How do you see me? How are you trained to see me? Do you see a homeless man? Do you see a wild-eyed southern boy? Do you see a militant terrorist? When you see my 5-inch cable do you know or realize that I’m a tree climber and a country boy and I hunt, and all? Or do you see somebody that’s a potential threat? ‘Cause see, how you perceive me is how you’re gonna carry on with our encounter. You take one look at me right off the bat, I don’t think you’re gonna see me for me.


And then the other thing is, I want you to think about, officers, is, when you get information on me, why does it always show my charges and it don’t show my convictions? It shows every little thing I’ve been accused of—and I’ve been accused of some bad things. They all came out in court. But ya’ll see my charges, ya’ll don’t see my convictions though, what I actually did and paid penance for. So that bothers me, ‘cause you might see some bullshit charges and think you got a dangerous man—and he looks like me: a long-haired boy, unkempt—and now you think you might have a “terrorist”, a home-grown terrorist on you. You might shoot me. And I figure that’s part of it. They got you scared of the black man; I don’t know why. People don’t really see ya’ll as black and white officers anymore. They see you as blue. And a lot of them are seeing you as the enemy ‘cause people are getting shot down in the street now. This is for real. This is why I’m talking to you. But I ain’t against you, I just want you to think about what you’re doing and why you took your job and why you really want to be a police officer. ‘Cause, like I said, with those Supreme Court decisions, who are you enforcing the law for. ‘Cause what inspired me to just make this video is I just drove by a bank that’s also a police precinct all built into one building: CB&T, Columbus, Georgia, Beaver Run Road. Look it up. It’s a police precinct and a bank. So who are you protecting? Who are all them laws made for? I mean, you’re law enforcement, so you need to know the laws and who made them and why they made them and why you’re enforcing them, ‘cause they ain’t for the people, ya’ll. Ya’ll boys and girls know that. Ya’ll know that, you’re grown folk. Ya’ll see things as we do. You took that job for a reason, and that’s fine. I’m just asking you to think about it. I wanna see the bloodshed stop in America. I don’t wanna see 5-6000 people killed on the streets. I don’t wanna see another III% brother shot down for no reason, ‘cause ya’ll were enforcing the law that was made; and why was it made?


I love ya’ll just like anybody else. There’s bigger things coming on. So how you perceive me is just as important as how I perceive you. So please remember that. Ya’ll be good. Do what you gotta do and think. Don’t live in fear.


Supreme Court decision that ya’ll don’t have to protect and serve anymore — Castle Rock v. Gonzales, 545 U.S. 748 (2005), is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court ruled, 7–2, that a town and its police department could not be sued under 42 U.S.C. §1983 for failing to enforce a restraining order, which had led to the murder of a woman's three children by her estranged husband.

people that had either too high of an IQ or thought for themselves were denied access into the police academy — The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York upheld a lower court’s decision that the city did not discriminate against a man whose bid to become a police officer was rejected after he scored too high on an intelligence test.

MRAPs — Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected is a term for vehicles that are designed specifically to withstand improvised explosive device (IED) attacks and ambushes

III% — a patriot group that believes in the need for citizens to stand up and oppose what they see as wrongful actions of the federal government