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And just as the BUUAWAA does not only create the IDEAS and direct our OEMII (bodies), HE created the IDEAS and engenders the WAAM (cosmos), including our OEMII and its VASTNESS and CHARACTERISTIC UNDER WHICH THE BEINGS OF THE WAAM engender and this is why you call it WOA (GENERATOR). Never say WOA WILL BE or WOA WAS, say always WOA IS.


I am WOA, directing of the destinies of my OEMII, do not doubt that the great enigma and my OEMIIABII (hominisation) aims to bring peace in these days of sadness, pain and distress. I bring you light which penetrates the veils over your eyes and caresses your retinas afresh.


You are like mentally ill people travelling in a hallucinatory world of darkness. And when you complain that one of your brothers does not understand you, do you not see that he too struggles in the midst of confused,
unconscious motivations? Why do you not first try to understand him?


Lift your eyes, clouded over with tears, and tighten your fists over your stomachs and scratch your thin skin with your fingernails. Lift your gaze helplessly at the misfortune and watch your young leader spanking you on a whim and beating the stomachs of your YIE (women) with a sharp AOGAAU (iridium) stick. And I wonder with a sigh (1) Is it not lawful for us to crush this tyranny?
And I reply to you: "Yes: it is lawful for you to work carefully to overthrow the tyranny, but without ever hating the tyrant him-/herself and afterwards forgiving the blind and sick humain being who personified it."

(1) In the original "DIIGOIYAA": an acoustic vibration emitted by a person when s/he complains or is sad. We translated it as "to sigh" as the verb has no equivalent in Earth languages.


Do not attribute all your ills to your OGIAA (supreme leader). Perhaps she is cruel because she is sick? Have pity for her for she does not know the supreme inner peace that comes from loving human beings.
Because she is the age of a child she does not understand pain. Because she is a child only in body, she does not know the sincerity/innocence of the child. Because although she should be as gentle as a child, she wrongly imagines she is getting pleasure from humiliating you while in reality all her pores sweat pain.


I hear your say: Why does WOA (God) tolerate this evil? Why can a child order us to make our women pregnant to the point of exhaustion? Why does she have the right to abuse our bare flesh and humiliate us to the extreme of making us consume our own AYAA (excrements)? Why does she cauterize the breasts of her servants and pour acid on their sensitive organs? Why does she on a whim prevent us from making love to our spouses just for the pleasure of seeing us wallow in the sand, trembling and without dignity?
And the echo of your voices is lost in the distance, among the burning volcanoes of methane. Why?

Furthermore: Do you not imagine that evil is merely an illusion of the mind, as is color to your sight? Do you not see behind this apparent evil the unseen realization of the harmonious laws of WOA (God)?

TAAU 143

When you see a minister of my Cult falter in the performance of my UAA (laws), do not make the mistake of thinking his failure comes from my teachings. So: Maybe you see a doctor writhing on the ground intoxicated with the drug UUXAEEMOI (3);

Do you doubt the effectiveness of medicine just because one of its practitioners has a disability?
Perhaps one of my disciples, committed to the exercise of this cult, sees himself magically protected from the miseries and sad emotional reactions of other OEMII (physical bodies) by this exercise?

(3) Essence of the extracted fat UUXOA, a toxic species of lichen. Its main
alkaloid produces hallucinogenic effects.

TAAU 213

Each human organ, each tendency or instinct has an organic function cleverly regulated by laws dictated by He who leads me: WOA (God). Do not alter these functions beyond their normal limits. Do not let the enjoyment of sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, sense of balance, or orgasm ever become ends in and of themselves; let them remain a skillfully controlled means which permits you to travel through life with an authentic "inner peace".

("inner peace"--in the original: UNNIEYAA AGAXAAU ODI, which translates as: "neurocortical equilibrium")

TAAU 332

Respect the ideas of those you think to be in error. You only achieve victory by the quality of your arguments, with the gentle tactics of peaceful persuasion, and with patient hope over time, for the intellect requires a long period for ideas to take hold. If you cannot convince someone, either your interlocutor lacks mental capacity in which case your efforts are in vain, or it is your arguments that are absurd.

TAAU 336

Why do you consciously do harm to those you work with? Human actions are directed indiscriminately by two groups of motivations. Many are actually conscious, caused by the BUUAWAA and you are without a doubt responsible before WOA (God) for them.

Furthermore: How many forms of behavior are unconscious? How many are determined by blind nervous impulses? How many are determined by defense mechanisms of your body in response to a hostile environment? Why then do you always blame your brother if his seemingly perverse attitude stems from the inviolable laws which govern OEMII (human beings)? If you must defend [against?] your brother, if you have to hurt him to protect the unity of OEMII-BUAWAA (body and mind), do so as a last resort, only after exhausting all other means of persuasion, but without any hate in your mind/soul.

TAAU 340

You will have no other supreme objective throughout your lives than trying to respect and EBAYAA (LOVE) other human beings. If you are unable to do this, you can consider that your brief life on UMMO has been a failure. If, when your brother is suffering, you remain unmoved, If, when your brother is devoid of means you do not try to help, If you do not identify with his problems and if you do not try to understand them, do not expect WOA (God) to consider that your BUUAWAA conforms to the image that its GRANDEUR has of it.

(It is difficult to translate the expression EBAYAA. We have chosen the word "LOVE" because it is closest in meaning. For us, sexual love is expressed by a different word: XIIXIA. That which you call Platonic love is
expressed by yet another word on UMMO.)

TAAU 342

If in the social hierarchy where you must live you are higher than your brother and he submits to this state of affairs, do not humiliate [lord over] him. First observe the brilliant light shining in his beseeching eyes and put
your hand on his chest so as to comfort him.

TAAU 343

If the hierarchical position of the social scale which makes you follow the the orders of your superior, lay yourself bare before him, and reject your first thought; that he wishes to amuse himself with your shame. But if you are wrong and this is the way it should be, obey him without blushing [shame], since the dignity of your submission is greater before the Spirit of WOA (God) than the pathological tendencies of your brother.

TAAU 357

Ah! He who does not like, and violates the moral law! (UUAA), since the fury of WOA will cause his abandonment when his OEMII (body) dies. If you upset your brother, you cause immense damage to the Universe. You are damaging the creative work of WOA in a tangible way

TAAU 720

Strive, men of UMMO, in the vast social network that you create in the future and in which you will be integrated, to assign positions in the hierarchy not based on Ownership or genetic heredity or physical strength, but according to mental ability and spiritual equilibrium [sanity] of men [candidates for the

TAAU 831

Why do you not try to understand your children? Why do you insist on seeing in them [merely] a genetic reflection of yourselves? Do you not appreciate that they carry burning within them the assertive seed
of evolution?

You want them to think like you and to submit to customs they consider empty. You cannot avoid [change] the fact that the new generations are better than yours. AND THIS IS THE CONSEQUENCE OF AN EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGICAL LAW, that says that they should be more pure in their ideas, more sincere with respect to the truth that they desire fervently.

Show patience with the inexperience of your children and do not think they are more in error than you. Correct their poorly-thought-through inclinations and modulate their tender minds, but be attentive to the new ideas that they express. Study them closely and don't commit the mistake of killing them at birth, diminishing their value or depriving them of that which is pure and fertile.

TAAU 832

You, the young, who cry and moan over the lack of understanding on the part of your parents of your ideas, and who consider yourselves more intelligent than those who gave birth to you: Why do you not try to penetrate the hidden corners [depths] of the psychology of adults? Do you not see that the bitter experience
of the years has hardened [dulled] them in a way they could not avoid? Do you not see that the sclerosis that affects their arteries also dulls their minds and blocks the flow of the invigorating currents of a new dawn?

Furthermore: are they responsible for this process? Why do you put them down, forgetting that it was they who gave you BEING? Do you not see that among the undergrowth of their old ideas still shines the
fertile and rich legacy of their experience?

TAAU 837

I have not come to give you the ready-made truth. You must discover it yourself by your study, by patient exploration of the Cosmos in which you are immersed. And this knowledge of laws which harmonize you bring you slowly but steadily to WOA (God) who directs your OEMII (bodies).

TAAU 838

Your liberation is approaching rapidly and you will anew be able legally to unite in the OMGEEYIE (matrimony). You occupy the supreme position in the biological hierarchy of UMMO. Only the positive [?] mental and sexual union of one GEE (man) or another YIE (woman) answers the psychobiological laws of your community. If you transgress this principle in copulating with another GEE (man) or another YIE (woman) who should not be your "spouse", you disrupt the harmony of your social future and provoke these upheavals, you yourselves will be responsible and the first to suffer.

TAAU 839

You will never find peace in your OMGEEYIE (marriage), if prior to "putting the final shape to your roof" (2), before you dry your GUU (chrome) pots, before cutting the umbilical cord of the delicate fruit of your union, you have not studied deeply the psychology of your spouse. If you do this carefully, you will see what a wonderful flower is hidden in the dense thicket of his/her ideas. You'll see how to grow in her exotic plants that do not grow in your sex, and will better understand the differences, you will learn to love and understand his/her reactions.

Why do YOU, GEE (MAN) AND YOU, YIE (WOMAN) persist in planting the seeds of such different and [yet] same flowers? (UMMOWOA continues this wonderful TAAU by establishing comparisons between exotic UMMO plants and psychological reactions of men and women by exhorting а mutual spiritual communion. It is almost impossible to translate these poetic images as the botanical species
which serve as examples are not found among terrestrial fauna).

(2) "the final shape to your roof" refers to the oval-shaped
flexible roof that covers houses. It symbolizes the work of human beings.

TAAU 1854

And the planetary unconscious in faraway region will illuminate us with an astounding morality which will be difficult for us to assume. Since in it is engraved the entire law dictated by WOA for all the OEMII. In it is recorded the actions of the OEMII, those which conform with the laws of ethics and those which violate the inescapable social principles, since all those who by their own volition break with my divine TAAUU, cause an entropic regression of character; their own WAAM degrades (cosmos = can be translated as SOCIAL FRAMEWORK, PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT).

TAAU 1860

But the disintegration of the OEMII will occur one day, as you all know. How will you know when this minute (UIW) will arrive? Your soul will melt into the Unconscious collective, taking part in planetary joys and alas, also in its sadnesses, but also with the pleasure of taking in at once the immense body of intellectual information and of seeing reflected in a silver-titanium surface (an alloy used in mirrors) the entire UAA (moral) law of the polynuclear Universe in which you exist.

TAAU 1868

Moreover, one day, the entire living sphere of OUMMO will be the victim of a terrible cataclysm which will destroy the basis, not only of your civilization, but also the genetic essence itself of the living beings. Ice will cover the surface of the continents, in the thickness of several ENMOO (unit of length on OUMMO [our note]) in many places, and the disintegration of life will have become a reality. It will be the point of inflection from which the unconscious collective, which in the beginning floated alone in the ocean of its cosmos ("this refers to the WAAM BB"), will melt into the other collective unconsciousnesses of humanities and extinct animal networks which lived on distant OYAA, and time at which the participation of your soul in the masterpiece of WOA will attain an additional degree of perfection on the slow advance towards eternity.

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