Notes from the Overgound: A Manifesto

Notes from the Overground
A Manifesto

We declare

We know that there are eyes watching us and ears listening to us. Our world is a panopticon. Nothing goes unseen. Someone somewhere has compromising information on everyone. Privacy in the traditional sense of the word no longer exists. We know that our verbalized thoughts and visualized mental images are monitored and analyzed.

We know this is true, but we no longer care. It does not make us afraid to think what we think and say what we think.

We know that we can disarm the control system by virtue of our conscious ability to react in real time to the currently passing situation. We can calmly observe the deception, manipulation, distraction, confusion, and sowing of dissension that goes on around us endlessly and then choose whether we wish to perpetuate it or whether we wish to cease to participate in it altogether. If we stop feeding it, it dies. Our right to our own free will, if invoked by us, is ultimately inviolable.

If there is technology in the public domain that allows us to place a zetabyte of storage capacity – the entire internet – on a tiny microprocessor, should it not reasonably be presumed that each and every interstice of the lattice that makes up the multiverse does indeed record each and every thought, motivation and action that passes through it with precise, absolute fidelity? Should we then worry about the various alphabet agencies generating mere terabytes of information on each of us? The process has in fact most likely been automated and would continue to take place with or without the decision of a human operator.

We get what we get, moment by moment, regardless of any filters.

We will become aware

We see how events are carried out and how their presentation in the media is framed. We can clue ourselves and others into those agenda that are clearly being pushed on us on multiple informational fronts. We can prepare ourselves ahead of time for coming events and the concomitant round of media discussion. We will know the direction the discussion will take and what conclusions we will be induced to accept (or at least to accept as having been accepted by the general consensus). It is becoming harder to deceive us.

We will stop reacting

Even if it is true that, say, actual children actually die in school shootings, grieving over their deaths does not bring them back to life. (“Let the dead bury the dead”). We should avoid getting caught up in the grieving rituals and self-flagellation of shared responsibility. If the emotional response intended by the perpetrators of the deeds is not elicited, they will cease trying to attain it. False flags and other forms of fakery are most likely costly to carry out and tricky to organize. Let's make them zero cost-effective by denying them an emotional response of helplessness.

We will refuse to judge others

We declare that we will no longer judge others for those transgressions all of us are guilty or potentially guilty of. (“There but for the grace of God go I”). We will not be led to distrust our neighbors based on rumors and fabrications. Today we can technologically alter the overall impression created by any recorded interaction or even generate one using virtual reality software. Even live interaction can be altered in real time. But if general or specific slander of people(s) produces no effect on our a priori good feelings for our neighbors, the attacks will cease.

We will get what we get, moment by moment, regardless of any filters.

The underground has not disappeared. It has come above ground, to act in plain sight. We now travel overground,

The revolution is being televised.

We forgive former enemies who have decided to work with us now

The various intelligence (“alphabet”) agencies have become aware that they too are prisoners inside the panopticon with the added fetters that more resources are expended on actively deceiving them. The agencies run their operations on a need-to-know basis. All operatives are basically in the dark as to what they are really doing and why. The higher-ups remain unaware of the overall agenda. Vertical communication is strictly hierarchical and limited while horizontal, interoffice communication is forbidden. Members of agencies run in this way have discovered that there is no other way for them to communicate with each other than via online posts.

Some probable recent examples of such “open” communication (in chronological order):

1. The inner workings of an organization referred to as the ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization) were described in 1997-8 as part of the Wingmakers “mythology.” The ACIO is supposedly engaged in highly advanced technological research and is totally impervious to assault or disruption of any kind by any force or agency known to the general public. Nevertheless there is evidence that it too has been compromised.


2. The author of the material “The Revelations of an Elite Family Insider”, released in 2005, did an end run around his/her controllers by admitting openly to its organization's existence and its mission, one it claimed to have contracted with humankind to perform for us, namely to provide as much negative catalyst as possible (“negative catalyst” in the sense referred to in the Ra Material), to make the Transition (usually called “Ascension”) relatively more valuable for those who would manage to attain it.


3. In 2015 someone calling himself “The Ruiner” appeared on the web, claiming to have inside information on organizations above the level of, say, the CIA or the Vatican. On his blog he often engages in cryptic discussions with other insiders who would seem to have been previously unaware of each other's existence and/or actual function. Reading the blog is like spying on spies talking about what they do. Drawing on his personal experience and correspondence with others in the know, he comes to the conclusion that the people who think they are in power have been deceived by their superiors, resulting in a situation in which we—the”unbegun” (as Mark Passio says we are called)-- can know more truth than they can. It is fascinating.


4. Today Aug Tellez reports regularly on activities he recently started getting back memory of participating in. He is also aware of some operations he considers most likely ongoing. The information he provides leads one to believe that Rick and Morty is a reality show. Putting together the pieces he puts out is the most challenging but rewarding jigsaw puzzle I am aware of.


See a discussion of this manifesto on David Wilcock's site Divine Cosmos here:

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